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Zephen Xaver: What we know about the SunTrust Bank shooter

Zephen Xaver was arrested for killing five people at a Florida SunTrust Bank in Sebring, Florida. Little is known about Xaver, who state officials confirmed late Wednesday was hired in November 2018 to work at Avon Park Correctional Institution near the Avon Park Air Force Range. Patrick Manderfield, a spokesperson for the agency, reported that Xaver “had no discipline while employed with the department,” but resigned on Jan. 9. No explanation was given for the resignation, he said.

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    Nevertheless, why is it that people who don't like working with people always seem to gravitate to the jobs that require working well with people?

    You think his Corrections experience has anything to do with this event, like romanticizing evil, like seeing people get away with murder, like knowing that he can get out in probably 15 to 20 years even though he murdered many people because of sentencing guidelines that provide for a concurrent serving of time.

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