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What flight attendants wish you knew

A flight attendant’s first priority is not to tend to your every need. Here are five things they wish passengers knew.

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  1. I'm pretty sure the #1 thing flight attendants wish you knew is that they prefer to be called stewardess…
    Especially the dudes…

  2. 1.) Don’t flush condoms down the toilet.

  3. Japanese Pussy Airlines
    Thank me later

  4. Pli permi saludos personal y mundo. Got talen España gracias allí voz vi. Britys. Australia y Canadá. Germani. France ital gracias

  5. thats a shetty job to have people stare at you all the time walking back and forth the ilse.

  6. Nothing personal but when you have been on over 200 flights, I think you are exempt from watching how to buckle a seatbelt or how to put on a life vest.

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