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Virginia Governor Ralph Northam speaks on gun violence | USA TODAY

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam wasted little time getting to Virginia Beach after a gunman killed a dozen people in a city office building, the first major test of his leadership since a blackface scandal almost forced him from office four months ago.

The governor, who is also a pediatric neurologist, worked to comfort victims of Friday’s shooting and their families, while helping coordinate the massive government response.

Northam discussed the shooting with President Donald Trump in a private phone call, stood shoulder to shoulder with other elected officials at a news conference and pressed for tighter gun control to national audiences.

The subject of widespread mockery after the racist photo from his medical school yearbook surfaced, the Democratic governor appears determined to project that he’s up to the task.

“Actions speak a lot louder than words. And I will have the leadership that’s needed,” Northam said in an interview with NPR after the shooting, while discussing potential plans to push for increased gun regulations.

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  1. America puts money before lives. Always.

  2. Where's Northams blackface hiding under his KKK hood while practicing infanticide? Didn't recognize him. Racist liberal POS. Abortions cost more lives than guns.

  3. I am a Donald Trump supporter so don't take away my gun. I'm not that good looking and it's hard for me to get a date. I don't want to be accused of being a snowflake. I need people to shoot at, I know girls who think being a bully is cool. Don't worry I am a good guy and I will only shoot bad guys… LOL

  4. Trump 2020. We keep our guns to protect our selves.

  5. The problem is that gun laws do not work. Only the law abiding obey them. No matter how much the law abiding are punished, it has no effect on criminals. The focus on firearms misses the mark because the problem is not the existence of firearms. The problem is violent criminals who are completely ignored. Then there is the problem that most mass shooting occurring in gun free zones. Nothing will get better until attention is paid to the real problems.

  6. And here they come….government to the rescue. What a farce!! Any moron that believes that government is here to protect you, doesn't deserve the freedom or liberty granted under the US Constitution.

  7. what happens if his legislature goes the other way and makes conceal carry in all places legit. You cant expect to stop human will, if someone has capital willpower and time they will do these things. bump stocks are already banned. Silencers require alot of paper and a clean background, once again pretending to do something by giving a speech. Draft every citizen into the national guard. Make every citizen a weapon not a sheep. It will be like Israel. Make some kind of actual push to do something other than pretending that magazine size when states around you dont ban them is going to make a difference. You don't get it Ralph. These people that do these shootings want to die. They don't care about your penalties. There is no way to win this. It is extremely unfortunate, but I don't see any path forward without a cultural change.

  8. This is so wrong, We should be sending these people To Richmond to help protect our rights and our abilities to protect ourselves. Just imagine if police building one was not For buildings away, Just taking 3 minutes to reach the building to Stop the shooting. What if it was at a plant out in the middle of pongo a rural area of Virginia Beach Easily 20 to 30 minutes could have went by how many more people would have died. Maybe if they had the capability to defend themselves against an armed Assailant determined to do them harme With a gun or a butter knife.

  9. Just can't let a good tragedy go to waste. Democrats are determined to take away our rights. To make us qualify our rights How long till we need a permit to practice our religion. Or to stand on a street corner and talk to strangers. How much longer till speech can be declared a weapon.

  10. The media is promoting the man they call 'Coonman' who admitted to wearing blackface, before denying it. The media was silent because Coonman is a Democrat.

  11. Sooo, what's an "assault weapon?" Is it a semi-automatic pistol like the kind used in the Virginia Beach shooting? Ban those and Northam virtually bans every hand gun in the state. Who's supposed to enforce such a ban, the State Police? County Sheriffs? The National Guard? Virginia is not New Zealand and I suggest Gov. Notham rethink what he wants to do here.

  12. The French Fleur Des Lys Is A Symbol In Hermann Goering's Motion Picture For His Work As Heinrich Gustav Floerke

  13. It's Absolutely Hilarious If You Can't Stand Us.

  14. Funny how the same gun laws that have consistently failed in places like Kalifornia are somehow supposed to work elsewhere. This whole thing is a SCAM. The goal is to gradually chip away at the 2nd Amendment till ALL civilian gun ownership is eliminated.

  15. Sounds like payback for dems and msm letting him be a racist.

  16. The Hermann Goering Film Is Titled "Gesellschaftensschicksal"

  17. most of these shootings are cia false flags. with less gun control in the 60s, 70s,80s, and 90s there was only 1 or 2 mass shootings so how come there has been so much since 2012? because they planned it to justify and make citizens want gun control so they can be safer when they imolement their new world order. if these people truly care about the lives of americans howcome they dont talk about gang violence, beatings, stabbings, car accidents, drunk drivers etc which kil thousands and thousands more people than guns. there is 20-35,000 gun deaths a year. 60% are due to suicide which you have thr right, 10% are gange shootings, 15% are cops shooting people, 10% are self defense and 5% are murder. mass shootings are 0.15%.people with guns save way way more lives then they kill but they never say that. they just want us defenseless. look at mexico. do you want usa to turn into mexico with the highest murder rates thanks to them banning citizens from having guns. because they did that only the bad guys have guns and now the cartel is oppressing and murdering defenseless people and the cops are not there to save them vecause they are apart of the cartel. hotler took the guns and right after that he commited genocide of millions because they were defenseless. this is not the land of the free anymore and its way past time to use our 2nd ammendment for what its really for… killing tyrants that are taking away our freedom and commiting treason against the constitution. the government doesnt care about gun deaths or else they wouldnt support war. please wake up! america is falling and will soon be like the fall of rome.

  18. You Have To Replace Every German Word Ending With -en With The Same Word Ending In -radschtlag

  19. Every Spin Is A Winner, You See.

  20. another gun free zone, wake up people. DAM

  21. You Have To Install Me As Holy Roman Emperor.

  22. This idiot and his buddies are the reason and cause of gun violence fkn traitors.
    What part of shall not be infringed don't you village idiots not comprehend this traitor should be executed for high treason.

  23. He has no power to defy the constitution, he took a OATH to uphold it. This man is a TRESSPASSER of his office he is guilty of PERJURY in violating his OATH of office. PERJURY is treason and a felony under state and federal law. You cannot uphold the constitution and war against it traitor.

  24. Without A Holy Roman Emperor You Will Have More And More Radicalization In The Hermann Goering Motion Picture.

  25. They Will Claim That Socrates And Aristotle Are 2000 Year Old Greeks, For Example.

  26. u are not disarming me why do u think the u.s.a hasn't been invaded in a long time because there will be a gun behind every blade of grass and a warrior to use it

  27. we alreadry have way too much gun control!!!!! look at mexico they banned guns and guess what they now have crime 1,000x worse and the highest murder rates because only the cartel has guns! people are waking up to your false flags and evil motives for gun control. you want a police state new world order with us as defenseless slaves and if we step out of line you guys would kill us on the spot or in fema concentration camps. us real patriots will use our 2nd ammendment for what its really for and have a revolution. you tyrants are evil and dont care about no one but yourself and goals for new world order. your laws are not laws because they were not passed by congress. they are illegal statutes that do not have to be followed. 1776 will reccomence again and hell will rain over all tyrants that deprive us of freedom and oppress us.

  28. They lost their lives because of these terrorist traitor jokers talking b.s. from their podium. Their laws are the cause of these deaths,their anti weapons zones are the cause of these deaths.

  29. Your Hall Pass Has Never Been Valid.


  31. Virginia is full of racist

  32. I bet most of them were at the end of a pigs barrel.

  33. Justice only the greedy rich get justice in America. Please spare me the b.s.

  34. How come the bodyguards of the governor need magazines with more than ten rounds?

  35. Take all guns from the rich and law enforcement as well.

  36. If a gun were used during abortions, Democrats would love and defend them.

  37. Hermann Goering's Father Was William Faulkner The Idiot's Motion Picture Was A Result Of His War With Hugo Ball Over Yarrow Point, Washington

  38. You Are A Tortured Artist With An Invalid Hall Pass.

  39. You Are Going To Publish Tomorrow's Paper

  40. 2nd Amendment is strong in Virginia. Good luck Northam. You are a disgrace to all white people.

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