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Universal Basic Income: Are Andrew Yang and Richard Nixon the same? | Just The FAQs

What would you do if the government gave you $1,000 per month with no strings attached? That’s what democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang wants to do, but it’s not the first time the U.S. has explored the idea of universal basic income.
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Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang wants to give cash to every American each month.

Susie Garza has never heard of Yang. But since February, she’s been getting $500 a month from a nonprofit in Stockton, California, as part of an experiment that offers something unusual in presidential politics: a trial run of a campaign promise, highlighting the benefits and challenges in real time.

Garza can spend the money however she wants. She uses $150 of it to pay for her cellphone and another $100 or so to pay off her dog’s veterinarian bills. She spends the rest on her two grandsons now that she can afford to buy them birthday presents online and let them get the big bag of chips at the 7-Eleven.

“I’ve never been able to do that. I thought it was just the coolest thing,” said Garza, who is unemployed and previously was addicted to drugs, though she said she has been sober for 18 years following a stint in prison. “I like it because I feel more independent, like I’m in charge. I really have something that’s my own.”

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  1. I've often said if Richard Nixon had only served 1 term, he might have gone down as a decent President since he gave us kidney dialysis care and the Environmental Protection Agency, which is surprising given that he was a Republican and I doubt many today would campaign on issues like these.

  2. I’ll take UBI over welfare where I lose money because I decided to work more

  3. For all yang curious for more info and detail plan: Yang explains how he plans to fund UBI youtu.be/cTsEzmFamZ8

  4. I think Andrew could probably make it.

    He has charisma, well spoken, possesses great ideas that he can back up with facts and statistics, and just has that presidential look in my eyes. The only disadvantage is that he’s Asian. And everyone knows Asians are trapped under the bamboo ceiling. If he doesn’t get nominated I really question the IQs of the vast majority of Americans.

  5. We want UBI, the #FreedomDividend. We will vote for Andrew Yang!

  6. According to US Census Bureau ,on average the monthly payment benefit for American welfare recipients is $404..and even just 1 in 3 living in poverty receive welfare…Yang’s Freedom dividend plan stacks with programs like Social Security, veterans assistance , Housing assistance etc etc ….it doesn’t stack with cash transfer programs like SNAP…and now Yang is saying instead of $404 ..If I get elected govt is gonna give u $1000 with no strings attached (no paperwork , no fear of losing benefits if u get a job , no time limits , no waiting in lines etc etc )…

    and people on the left ,socialists say Yang is gutting welfare programs,UBI is a Trojan horse blah blah blah….first its opt in…meaning if u like the benefits u are getting now or if u get > $1000/month via welfare u can maintain the status quo…if u know Freedom Dividend helps u better than ur current benefits he is giving people an option to switch over to his plan because for many of them Freedom Dividend will help them more than welfare…there are millions of people who receive much much less than that average..and in this sense the spending on welfare programs gets reduced..but all that reduced spending in welfare is included into paying a part of UBI ….

    Freedom Dividend is the perfect solution to address the income/economic inequality , perfect solution to address poverty and also homelessness, perfect for job loss because of automation , temp/gig jobs…And here again stupid people argue that how it’s perfect for jobloss…my low paying $20k,$30k,$40k job is lost and now u r saying I get only $12k …no no Freedom Dividend ≠ Job replacement …it’s more like a platform for the transition to the people who lost / gonna lose their job untill they get a new job…u r not get starve or go homeless untill u find ur next job…

    Freedom dividend is best progressive policy proposal.

  7. UBI helps out caretakers, an undervalued role in American society. It also helps creative people, innovators, fledgling entrepreneurs, humanitarians, and the homeless, the unemployed and impoverished who have no income or access to unemployment benefits. Seniors and young adults will also benefit. It helps with young adult student's education. All in all, a noble and beneficial thing. And at least, we will know that the rich won't benefit anymore from UBI than the poor.

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  9. With Freedom Dividend there will be less bankruptcy, less welfare, and less stress. Anyone who believes $1000/month is bad for society is anti-humanist.

  10. So interesting you choose Nixon to associate Andrew Yang instead of Martin Luther King, Jr, who fought for UBI and that will really help to create the real equal society he dreamt, No, you prefer to associate a "corrupt conservative"? guess what, people are not as dumb as you believe. and however, this will help Andrew Yang. #YangGang

  11. If Andrew Yang wasn’t running this election, this video and more like it would not exist. His campaign really made UBI mainstream again.

  12. My thing with Ubi is it is a short term fix what about long term fix when automation takes over and people are put out of work I don't know a single city in America where you could live off 12k a yr am I missing something 🤔

  13. I support UBI and I plan to vote for Andrew Yang

  14. You can tell this channel is leftist with just one video.

  15. YANG 2020, he is the clear choice for the Democratic nominee and if anyone has any doubts, ask questions and I’ll explain why

  16. Greetings from Germany, I loved the idea of ubi even before I knew Andrew. We have a pretty famous german TV philosopher called "Richard David Precht" who loves to speak about the same topics as Andrew does sadly he won't become a politician i guess… Automation and the industrial revolution 4.0 are real things and we all need to change our political social systems.

    There have to be a way as a global community or at least as the "western industrial states" to live a life without the constant threat of financial existence.
    I hope the citizens of the USA will take the opportunity so europe can learn from the MATH experience. 😀
    Good luck to Andrew and plenty of love to everyone who shares the ideas of human centered capitalism. Lets change <3 🙂

  17. Not gonna be another brown prez for awhile. That's just the reality. Too much buyers remorse over oboma.

  18. Yang’s UBI proposal has been reviewed and endorsed by many elite economists including Greg Mankiw who essentially wrote the book on economics at Harvard. https://youtu.be/4cL8kM0fXQc

  19. The freedom Dividend is way more relevant than before because of automation

  20. I'm not even american but… Will you guys wanna be jokes of other countries again or be the great country I've always wanted to travel.
    I know Americans are racist and low iq…
    But change my mind.
    Choice is yours #America

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