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Trump speech picked apart by Senator Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders delivered a scathing response to President Donald Trump’s remarks about border security and the government shutdown.

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  1. hey Bernie go eat Karl marx's ass

  2. I would love to see a debate Bernie vs trump 😂

  3. why you cannot agree to build a wall? You made this mistake not Mr. President

  4. Bernie voted for a wall in 2013— sheeple

  5. poor old commie bastard sanders. Democrats ignore him , the media blows him off , the free stuff farm is closed

  6. bla bla bla what is the old commie bastards plan. wait I know free stuff

  7. Bernie should have done the official rebutted. Rather than Pelosi and Schumer

  8. I work for TSA and i will work for free for how ever long it takes. Bernie does not speak for me.

  9. Why are we giving foreign aid to Mexico?

  10. Lol Bernie's handlers wrote this on the assumption Trump would declare a National Emergency, he didn't, Bernie went with it anyway.

    All you Democrats have to do is put on the table exactly what you think border security is, fully costed.

  11. ironically, this is what that idiot Trump use to say about walls:

  12. Elect Bernie and we save millions of fact checkers

  13. Stopping illegal immigration, drugs, terrorists and human sex trafficking is common sense. Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  14. Well if it's a big deal then I suggest you pick up that 5 billion dollar tab. Well then you better shell out 5 billion to save your base. So now your on the side of giving money to business. The private banks process mortgage applications not the federal government. Ok hes asking for 5.7 billion not 70 billion and 70 billion is quite the infrastructure boom by the way. You complaining about the shutdown over 5 billion dollars shows how incompetant you are. It's not even one percent not even when you round. Cortez said it was ok for her to lie you lie all the time. He said opioids not fentanyl by the way. Those people are not citizens. They arent law abiding if they are here illegally. The left is dividing the country not the right. There are studies that show this. Massive wealth inequality does not mean they were screwed over. That's nit a big number. Life expectancy is in decline for whites because of opioids that are coming from mexico. People cant afford to go to college because government made college to expensive by backing loans that would never be covered in the private sector. They say that every decade the point of no return is coming. Funny thing about climate change China makes 55 percent of all co2 admissions and the temperature is suppose to increase by two degrees regardless of co2 and the majority of climate change occured before industrialization. Bernie you are a fool and your parties goal is to retard the U.S. economy for generations.

  15. Illegal immigration increases the supply of labour, which lowers wages. This is just simple economics. I see Bolshevik Bernie favours illegals over working class citizens.

  16. Sen Sanders knows nothing but climate change hoax and socialism which failed everywhere but in his imbecilic mind which full of parasitical impulses and ideologies. He’s been useless as an adult and toxic as a politician.

  17. That’s one creepy president cutting in.

  18. Well never get immigration reform, too many politicians whose main goal is to destroy The United States Of America.

  19. Attack black/brown, attack the poor. Attack the working Americans. Trillions in tax cuts for rich, funding corporate agriculture and subsidies and tax cuts. fund harbors to benefit wealthy importers/ exporters and tax cuts, fund foreign stock holders and tax cuts and the list goes on

  20. Bernie Sanders = REAL AMERICA FIRST
    Mango Man Spanky The 1st Dennison = FAKE CON MAN AND UN INDICTED CO CONSPIRATOR

    Spanky has done nothing to address any single actual issue that impacts the lives of even his own voters…He has however given a lot of money to the already absurdly wealthy
    Bernie Sanders has repeatedly, directly addressed issues that, if dealt with would vastly improve the lives of millions of Americans, and free millions of Americans from the crushing inequality that prevents them from moving up the ladder from poor or marginal, to middle class, or even affluent.Not to mention bring America up to date with most of the rest of the developed world.
    Spanky is often incoherent, rambling, and extremely scattershot, while quoting false statistics and telling everyone who will listen how great he is or how vast his knowledge on everything under the sun is
    Bernie Sanders is measured, even when obviously passionate, coherent, and informed, and has no interest in regaling folks with how 'tremendously wonderful', 'supremely knowledgeable', or how much better he is than everyone else.
    Bernie Sanders has read the Constitution and is familiar with it's Articles
    Spanky can't spell Article, nevermind Constitution, and probably only 'reads' pop up books

    And on and on and on

  21. Bernie, you could help those people out that you're soooooo worried about by letting the POTUS do what he got elected by THE PEOPLE to do… Just a thought.

  22. Bernie Sanders 2020! WE ARE WITH YOU

  23. Bernie has his eye on a new home in Hawaii this time. Line up suckers.

  24. By far the most qualified man to be president. Just gotta convince rednecks to read policy proposals & liberals to stop fixating which gender's or race's turn it is.

  25. Bernie, Bernie, Bernie,….Your socialism is what is driving people from South America to the U.S. You are the problem. Fund the wall and put us back to work. Make our country safe and put us back to work. You and your democrat buddies funded a wall for Israel but not for your own country. It is working for Israel, why would it not work for us? You all lie and people are buying into the lie. Fund the wall and put us back to work. It's your fault as all you care about is re-election not the people of this country.

  26. Those who say that Trump was lying about the traffic coming through areas other than ports of entry should check out this video, at the 4:41 mark:


  27. Keep the government shut down until we get our wall, and no pay for the Senate or house , even if its shutdown until 2020….Trump don't back down stand your ground for WE THE PEOPLE! Shut down TSA also the Democrats dont want border security why would we need it in the airports??

  28. Hey bernie I guess you forgot your own party burned you back in 2016. You and that scj ruth Bader ginsburg need to just drop dead.

  29. Shut the hell up you traitorous self hating Jew. You are the worst kind of user human….

  30. U.S. President Donald Trump is crazy.

  31. Bernie Sanders for president of the United States of America.

  32. Bernie your own base doesnt want you and your people sre the ones that will not compromise or meet in the middle. Write her check bernie. Dems are the reason this isnt over.

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