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Trump speaks in Miami about Venezuelan Crisis


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  1. Crisis again in a crisis trump would not go play golf what a joke

  2. He went to mars largo over weekend after declaring crisis golf more important to trump than average American, look at facts not propaganda, trump gave hell to Obama for playing golf, trump has more golf trips than any president fact and who pays for it the average American

  3. MAVA baby! Viva el presidente Trump!!!!

  4. Mr President I was employed by Harley Davidson. Can you help me too ??? PLEASE?????????


  6. Feels damn good to have such a beautiful female woman in the White House.

  7. Let the lies begin 😠😠😠 He doesn't deserve this song

  8. The very first freedom to go under socialism is fire arms freedoms. Here is why.
    What Sarah Brady says about gun control. Quote, “Our task of creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been Totally Disarmed.” Quoted from The National Educator Vol. 25, No. 8, January, 1994.
    News Article. "Never Give Up Your Guns"

  9. Yeah lets ignore the jussie smollet case right usatoday???

  10. This guy is either a chariciture beyond description or a serious national emergency

  11. It don’t get much better than this.

  12. I will take Melania Trump over Michael Obama any day of the week and twice on Sunday!!!
    The White House doesnt need a natural habitat like another first lady we’ve had before.

  13. How about letting the Venezuelans decide what government they want.

  14. why no regime change in sudan? because there is no OIL?

  15. This is scary. We are lost as a country with short term memory or bad people. We have funded this insurgence or coup to overthrow Maduro. We are the terrorist. We are about to have a military intervention in Venezuela just like Iraq in 2001. Saddam Hussein dropped the dollar and signed a 4 trillion euro oil deal in year 2000. Then, we all know what happened in 2001 and shortly after the newly written deal was rewrote back to dollars. Venezuela dropped the petro dollar 4 months ago. This is all a political show. I'm crying for my country. We are so lost.

  16. We imposed sanctions strangling the economy. This is a political show and people will die. People have died.

  17. Hola saludos como estáis saludos Australia canada mundo oscar ay que dicen kiero me esto Asia algo si si si. Sabéis que ay mas en España no solo dos me dirán. De otros lugares sitios puestos tienen. No faltó no ofendo

  18. May God bless President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.

  19. América latina india árabe no todos son así Europa oscar que ay laurel. No todos de israelí solo dire eso estoy muy si de my mys si si si estoy en oscar me oyes me sientes laurel Si si si. Islas es carnaval viene semana santa ok

  20. Por comer ayuda vida cada pupitre. Ciencia music deport motor banco sitio lugar puesto eli eli sego

  21. Si nos de todo te sin familia cumplio otras cosas crueldad daño persona ser tuve una vez familia ok orray makey yeea

  22. Ciencia pupitre tln my casa et la fuerza te acompañe las bruxas ay buenas ok my disney ok para mundo

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