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Trump says ‘see-through wall’ of steel is stronger than concrete

President Trump said a “see-through wall of steel” will be stronger and “more beautiful” than a concrete border wall.

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  1. Hes right.
    Thats why there is rebar.
    Concrete without steel is weak because of its lack of tensile strength.

  2. To call him an imbecile would be too nice…we need a new word to match his lack of higher faculties

  3. Trump likes to peek through see thru walls. He can't hide his lying 👀 !

  4. End the foreign wars and secure the border.

  5. He thinks he is Apollo🤔 apoloyn(sp) a small pawn going Down👇YAH Glory Hall-El-U-YAH RUHACH🙌

  6. See through? Concrete?
    Doesn't matter – Traitor Trump is not getting a wall.

  7. “You can’t really see through a concrete wall.”

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