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Trump says he could call national emergency to build wall if he wanted to

When asked about using emergency powers to build the wall without congressional approval, President Trump said if he wanted to, he could.

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  1. Nancy Pelosi and Don Shoemaker hey grab the Devil by the horns you democrat party's or useless is a tick on a dog

  2. What? Threats and intimidation is your style. You know that, you learned it from Roy Cohen (your mentor). Your dotards are either too young or too stupid to know that. It's the Cohen style, because you're basically coward.

  3. This is getting out of hand. People are only powerfull because we say so.

  4. Trump should quote Obama and say:
    " I have a pen and I'm going to use it"
    Build the wall by executive order
    It's what Obama did with DACA
    and Liberals would cheer

  5. Racist Wall is on national emmergency ? We should invock to Amerigo vespucci for distroying the Land of discovery and naming the capital of AMÉRICA to other Américan country who outhg to preserve and protect the Américan history. The name of * AMÉRICA * must be removed from the US they are destroying the Land of immigrants. "Facist USA the reservation of racist" is better. Walls,walls to protect whitesupermacist.

  6. Build the wall
    impale Nancy Pelosi on the wall
    facing her country Mexico

  7. Well, then do it. You wont get a dime from Congress….

  8. you need to arrest Nancy pelosi and you need to arrest all the other ones you need to arrest them and bash in their freaking heads trust me they are all working for drug cartel for one pathetic reason or another, Mr. President Donald Trump.

  9. Go Donald Trump keep up the good work

  10. Do it Mr. President, these animals won't make a deal and we are sick of it! You have dealt in good faith, You must use the mandate and authority given to You by we the people to secure our communities. Before more people die….


  12. When the baby doesn't get what they want

  13. I wish DOTARD NUKE your a…….😊

  14. Declare the state of emergency mr President! I’m all for it! We need it now!

  15. He’s gonna shut you guys down for a long time. Maybe forever. He is the Golden Child. Nothing like someone over 70 with an emergency. Quick, call een one one!

  16. Yeah he would institute a national emergency to build a wall?
    So the military that he continually insults and belittles is going to support his garden fence?
    And no other branch of the government would do anything?
    Yeah I'm sure that he would get reelected in a landslide for sure
    He certainly wouldn't be removed from office For circumventing America's constitution and all other democratically elected officials… the stock market wouldn't crash and no right wingers who hate government would lose their shit and start fuck'n shit up. Oh yeah that's what a very stable genius would do…. 😂🤣😂🤣
    Yeah do that you fuck'n moron

  17. When I wake up one morning and the president cancels the next election, cause it will be a "national emergency" look back on this moment, and remember this is how it happened.

  18. A country without borders is like a house without a fence around it! For the life of me I will never understand why liberals are so against a border wall. America can’t afford to let in just anybody that wants to be here illegally. They must come here the legal way.

  19. He’s the best president we’ve had to date.

  20. National emergency for a wall that the idiots will still get over..please just gas them all. Thanks to them the IRS is closed so my daughter and I cannot get papers we need so she can receive the FASFA for govt funding..thanks to all the pieces of shit who want to come here illegally….hey and Im a Democrat and Im so against them coming here and taking from ppl like my kids who want to better themselves with alittle help with finances…hope you all get gassed……

  21. Global warming is a national emergency problem dimwitted Donald is paranoid and delusional !!!

  22. America has existed all these years without Trumps' Wall…It will last forever without it…Trump scared you with his fear tactics…Did you forget this Moron live in New York and knows nothing about border states…Ask those in border states about having to give up their land for this crap…yeah…didn't think about that did you? And they are "taking" rancher and farmers land…for this stupid idea of your "comrade, chancellor, czar" because these are not the actions of a "PRESIDENT"

  23. Let the demo's do what they do they don't know no better.

  24. This chronic liar does not have any truth behind him for a national emergency. He is building up frenzy just like he did with his caravan rhetoric before the midterms.

  25. Proverbs 17:5 "Whoever mocks the poor insults his Maker; he who is glad at calamity will not go unpunished".

  26. Proverbs 21:13 " Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widows cause"

  27. Ephesians 5:11 "Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them"

    Trump – your actions do not honor our God!

  28. Proverbs 28:16 "A ruler who lacks understanding is a cruel oppressor, but he who hates unjust gain will prolong his days".

  29. What happened to Mexico will pay for the wall – "believe me " LOLOLOLOLOL Idiots

  30. he just stole the questioner's idea, and pretended he had been already considering it. The guy is a f*cking fraud, a total charlatan.

  31. A temporary wall that's about all he would get plus it would be money waisted because there is no national threat ,this fuckin joker needs to walk away from his position and allow someone who knows what there doing take his place be a man and walk away

  32. So in reality, Democrats want anyone to be able to come into the United States, even if it is illegal. Forget about background checks, and becoming a legal citizen so they can contribute in taxes!

  33. the national emergencies act is one of the last options a siting president can use to defend our nation from harm . this is like hitting the nuclear switch . we the people want our walls and we voted for it. MR PRESIDENT BUILD THAT WALL!

  34. He is such an arrogant pompous stinky asswhole, and basically he did just make a threat power tripping at it's hardest. He's an abomination a threat, impeach him take him out whatever.

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