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Trump baby blimp shows up at U.S.-Mexico border

While President Donald Trump was visiting the U.S.-Mexico border, protesters brought along the Trump baby blimp.

Anti-Trump protesters inflated a Trump-baby blimp, while the president’s supporters chanted, “Build that Wall!”

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  1. Stupid it looks like the same piece of junk that they had in the UK when he visited.
    Maybe we should float the Sadik-Khan blimp in the air, if you fly it low enough maybe they'll think it's a pinata.

  2. If i ever see that thing im going to pop it with my bb gun

  3. He cried like that when Nancy Pelosi and Mexico told him to take that wall and shove it up his coward ass

  4. I think Trump knows the truth of why so many Bunkers are being built by the Elite. I hope he disclosure the apocaliptic event at which many rich people are preparing.

  5. He thinks you deplorables are more weak then Mexico and will pay for his wall

  6. BUILD THE WALL,,,,mexicans might get offended but eventually they'll get "over it"

  7. Some of the tethering lines should have been attached to nipple rings.

  8. Haha..thats hilarious…its gonna fiiiind uuuuuuu!! Haha

  9. It's such an apt portrayal. He doesn't have temper tantrums you know!

  10. I'm guessing these 'traveling blimp people' don't have to work. Probably collecting welfare.

  11. Babies dragging around a balloon.

  12. The baby trump balloon is the most ironic thing ive ever seen.

  13. Trump "proudly" shutting down the government is proof that Trump does not care about America and it's people. He lies all the time. He only cares about himself and his ego. Trump can't relate or see how much the people affected by the government shut down are hurting, because he had never been afraid of not being able to pay the rent, mortgage and stressed out about not being able to afford food. Trump grew up wealthy and is wealthy, so he sees whomever is not wealthy as sub-human.

  14. yeah,we know the prez showed up at the border.
    what about the inflatable balloon thing?

  15. Siegue hall toche blimp. Identical

  16. I understand the balloon got over the wall, no prob!!

  17. To mock the Mexicans or president?

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