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They Knew Stephen Curry When. His N.B.A. Evolution Has Them Asking ‘How?’

In November, Archambault, Gosselin and some friends in Montreal traveled to Toronto to see the Warriors play the Raptors in person. After the game, the group waited for hours to talk to Curry, who occasionally keeps in touch with his former Davidson teammates. Some of Archambault and Gosselin’s friends wondered if Curry was ever going to come.

“Steph eventually shows up, and he’s like, ‘All right, we’re going out,’ ” much to the group’s surprise and delight, Gosselin said.

They had a couple of beers and played Ping-Pong at a basement bar in downtown Toronto where the staff set up a private room for Curry’s group. They stayed until about 2 a.m. At the end of the night, there were about 100 people lined up on each side of the door of the bar to get autographs, Gosselin said.

“It was pretty funny. We had a good time together just being young men. And all of a sudden, we get back to reality where people are constantly waiting for Steph to address their need for fandom,” Gosselin said.

Archambault and Gosselin, for this finals series, are calling the games through a different prism. They’re not just looking out for Curry’s exceptional play anymore.

The stakes are higher now, given the Raptors’ success, and what that could mean for Montreal, their broadcasting home. If Toronto dispatches Curry and the Warriors, it would solidify basketball in the region, meaning more potential exposure for the duo. R.D.S. ratings have surged during the finals.

“Toronto has been a basketball city for a little bit, yes, but you have a lot of hockey and it’s been that way and it’ll always be that way,” Gosselin said, adding, “But now Toronto’s success transpires into Montreal, and that’s really exciting for us.”

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