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Teacher fired for dragging 9-year-old boy with autism through hallways

A Kentucky school teacher was seen in a video posted to Facebook pulling a boy out of a classroom and down hallways by his wrist. She has since been fired.

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  1. U drag him, ur fired for abuse. U leave him, ur fired for neglect. Damned if u do damned if u don't.

  2. Hell back when I was elementary school they put kids into wheel chairs to move them. Or call the custodians to haul this fat ass kid to the principles. I see no issue. Disabled or not. You listen.

  3. A teacher has all the grounds in the world to sue the school district and win. Not only for loss of job, but for defamation of character for allowing this ridiculous video to be displayed publicly. This kid doesn't show signs of autism if he can respond to her demands that rapidly. The parents are just wanting to make a big deal out of their misbehaved child. You can't say your child has autism it must be diagnosed. If your child is diagnosed with autism and they are unable to be controlled in a public school they need to be expelled.

  4. People don't train their kids at home and expect the teachers to do it. Something like this happen and she gets fired. Should she have left him where he was when he refused to walk? Had she done that then she would be accused of child neglect. You just can't win with this generation of kids.

  5. no one is to blame for you having an autistic kid, but you. zero pity.

  6. I’d like to drag her fat ass a round

  7. He refused to walk. Wtf is wrong with this country? The “everybody gets a trophy” mentality and the current C.P. will be our demise. (C.P. = culture of pussies.)

  8. I been dragged like that by my own mom

  9. Just sit down wait a minute talk in a soft voice and let it pass

  10. Lady is not fit for working with special needs kids. I would not trust that woman with any kids really. Seems to have no patience. I bet this is not the first time she has done questionable things in her classroom

  11. Vaccines cause autism, and our government knows this! How long will we allow them to poison our children?

  12. she has got to be a republican trump supporter.. trump will pay for her legal fees

  13. It’s amazing how ignorant people are, expecting disabled children with autism and other condition to behave like non effected kids. To all of you morons out there, please do not procreate and further damage human DNA.

  14. By the comments here its safe to say that a lot of Americans clearly have no clue wth they are talking about in regards to autism.

  15. there are other way to work with autistic students. We always had a small pouch with incentives or pictures of the next activity. A way of front loading the journey, never last minute

  16. I don't see what the big deal is…
    Its not like she hurt the kid…

  17. I hope some of you commenters never have a kid with special needs. In fact, you probably shouldn't have kids at all.

  18. What is wrong with y’all… he is a kid with a disability he doesn’t know what is right or wrong how is he a pain in the ass you guys have no heart at all my brother has autism and he acts this way and I don’t drag him around wtf you guys don’t know what this kids go through like dude 2019 and y’all saying this is a ok? Can’t believe this video literally made me cry🤧why would you drag a kid like that🤧it’s not ok you guys😭I wouldn’t want my brother to go through that now I am questioning myself how people and teachers treat my brother at he’s school😣that kid is not an animal! You could’ve carried him if she was a special needs teacher she wouldn’t have done that!😡how can people be so mean🤧and ignorant😞I hope this woman got fired apparently I wouldn’t trust her with my brother around if she is going to treat him that way🤧she shouldn’t be a teacher anyways

  19. I expected to see some abusive behavior. After watching, gotta say I'm on the teacher's side on this one.

  20. I remember seeing this autistic kid come into this barber shop with his grandpa and got his haircut with no problem not a single word, but the second time he came in with him mom and he was throwing the biggest fit… it had everything to do with the fact his mom was there and he could just run all over her. Moral of the story he knew what he could get away with and manipulated his mom because of just bad parenting

  21. This makes me mad. Because it happen it me and did the teacher get charged for it? Hell no.

  22. Yeah, these "special needs" brats especially need a belt on their special asses.
    Find a coupla flights of stairs to skulldrag his limp sack of shit ass up and down a coupla times, and I bet he becomes "verbal" really quickly.
    Poor teachers. They should get combat pay.

  23. Shoot that overpaid and underworked fuckin cow

  24. If the child was disruptive, this may be warranted. IF he was simply UNCOOPERATIVE, this is unacceptable. I've dealt with a lot of uncooperative kids around his age, and autistic ones too, so, ASSUMING he was being DISRUPTIVE for other children:

    1 – Autistic kid shouldn't be in that class if he's not capable of functioning as part of it.
    That said:

    2 – Teacher is justified in removing him from classroom, and if he goes ragdoll in protest, what option does she have? Pick him up? I'd be surprised if she could.

    3 – SO, Teacher has to physically remove him from the room, and then what? No one is there to watch him, so he has to go the the office… rag-dolling the whole way. SO, he must be dragged. She didn't lose her cool, was not violent.

    4 – The fault lies with administration and government in not giving her the support and tools she needed to handle the situation fairly.

    5- There is a lot of "touch phobia" going around these days, and as a recreational instructor, I'm advised not to touch students, even during emergencies… But they also require us to be CPR trained… Which I can't do without touching…. Which I'm advised not to do even in emergencies…

  25. Whatever happened to the days when you got your ass busted for saying "no" to an adult? We need to bring those days back.

  26. I’m glad this lady doesn’t teach in the school district where I attend anymore. She was the helper for special needs kids my 8th grade year and needless to say, she treated them poorly too

  27. If your going to be a special needs teacher, you need to be passionate about helping people with special needs and have patience .

  28. Idk what’s worse the crime, the video or the likes on it? What trash is condoning this behavior?

  29. Autism is a combo of generational curses from God and or witchcraft an demonic oppression.See the video The book of Enoch.See trey Smith`s video on the Nephilim.Read the book of Acts,KJV.Witches are taking out people`s souls and demons control the masses,of bodies walking around posing as human beings.See the video The Fragmented soul by Win Worley.See the video Routing demons by John Echardt.See the video deliverance from autism by Brother Carlos.See Autism deliverance videos by Kay Boachie.See the video The Testament of Solomon.See the video The Genesis 6 Conspiracy.See all videos by Win Worley.Derek Prince,and John Echardt.The real word of God(the king James bible) has been replaced with fake NWO bibles in most churches.The masses serve Satan,and the WRATH of ALL MIGHTY GOD is coming.

  30. I would cut her f****ng arms off and shove them up her fat ass

  31. America is a nation of hypocrites as public figures talk about accessibility and inclusiveness, and then you hear about those in authority abusing children with disabilities.

    If that teacher did it in my country, Canada, he/she is going to jail, have their Teacher's License revoked, and banned from teaching for life as he/she will have a file in the Child Abuse Registry and Vulnerable Sector Check.

  32. How did she get fired? That boy was problem act out in class, the teacher probably asked him to leave and he didn't want to. So now in order to teach her class. She had to remove him. In the video she asked the boy countless time to walk he said no, she even tried to pick him to make him walk but he wanted to act lamp so his ass got dragged to the office. I didn't see any miss treatment or abusive. They want to say the boy have Autism sounds & looks like the boy is just spoiled that's it. I'm on the teacher side.

    There are different form of autism so are more severe than others were the kids can't function correctly around normal kids then there are were they can function just fine and this boy looks like he can function just fine cause he said no he didn't want walk

  33. I say give her the key to the City , but not before you drag her ass to the ceremony.

  34. This is what you get more of when you offer parents a monthly check in exchange for neglecting to raise and drugging their children. Can't say that's the case in this particular instance, but:
    So, basically, teach your child to "go to school and act the fool", and you're set. Actually, all you have to do is neglect to raise them, so even the most simple parent can do this. Doctors love it, because it's a government gravy-train at least until the kid is 18 and usually longer when it is discovered that, as an "adult", they can't function in society.
    Parents get the added satisfaction of chronicling their family's "victim status" via daily updates on Facebook.
    Now for the kicker:

  35. Sooo,the other teacher in the hall must have thought it was ok???maybe need to look at what's happening in the school

  36. "My child has a learning disability."

    "I never taught them anything." : )

  37. I am an assistant for an autism program in a public school and when a child has a meltdown there are appropriate procedures to follow when this happened and dragging a kid through the hallway is NEVER okay..this teacher was not doing her job. She could seriously injure the child by dragging him by the arm that way. I love all the kids I work with, even when they do have melt downs. This saddens me

  38. I don't think the teacher has done anything wrong. The child is not stressed and to be honest, he's just being stubborn. Children need discipline, but if you give it your ridiculed, what a funny age we live in

  39. No Student deserves to be treated or Disciplined like this especially a Autistic Student. I’m on the Students side on this one . Glad the Teacher got Fired and Charged.

  40. To all the snowflakes in the world: go to your safe space because I’m asking you the HARD question! What do you think teachers should do? Maybe give them all fishing poles with line and hook and a BIG candy bar at the end…..

  41. My little cousin goes to the same school. This is awful behavior for a teacher!

  42. It’s gross the way she’s yelling at him, the defense “ he said he didn’t want to walk” isn’t enough. She seems ill experienced to be working with special needs children, she could of done multiple things to encourage the boy to work with her or at least walk to class. Dragging, does that sound humane to you?

  43. When I was a kid back in the 50s, the teachers had paddles. A couple "swats" would have got him moving right along.

  44. she told him to get up, HE SAID NO. that's not autism. he knew what he was doing. so YES drag his bad arse.

  45. Good thing she got fired and if I was one of those kids watching I would push her or even punch her say yep if u would do that

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