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Ms. Monopoly is supposed to empower women. Critics abound.

Ms. Monopoly game. Source: Hasbro The typical 8-year-old probably doesn’t know much about the gender pay gap. Now the topic could come up if she or he plays the new game, Ms. Monopoly. Some critics are skeptical, however, of how helpful those conversations will be. Toymaker Hasbro announced this week …

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Do Men and Women Have Different Brains?

But in spite of these failures, we’ve learned a lot. Among the more general lessons is that the brain is far more plastic — more malleable — and probably less well organized than we might imagine. Yes, there is an area of the brain that seems to process visual stimuli. …

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Architecture Award Honors Five Women

The magazine Architectural Record is honoring five winners for outstanding achievement in the field in this year’s Women in Architecture Awards, which were announced on Friday. The winners are: Toshiko Mori, Sharon Johnston, Claire Weisz, Mabel O. Wilson and Dana Cuff. “The range of smart, passionate talent in these different …

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