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Valentine’s Day in Times Square

Couples migrated to Times Square this week for the annual Times Square Valentine Heart celebration. Some got married, others made surprise proposals or renewed their vows. The event, in its 11th year, started in 2009 with a giant heart sculpture, and now includes a design competition. This year’s winner was …

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day With A Lost Track From Broadway’s ‘Rent’

To theater audiences around the world, Broadway’s “Rent” is a beloved, era-defining musical. However, one person who never got to witness the show’s unparalleled success was composer Jonathan Larson.  Larson died unexpectedly on Jan. 25, 1996 ― one day before “Rent” had its off-Broadway premiere. Though the 35-year-old received a posthumous Pulitzer Prize, as …

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For Valentine’s Day, Try Being Nice to Yourself

So how can we learn self-compassion? In 2010, Dr. Neff and her colleague Chris Germer, a clinical psychologist and lecturer at Harvard Medical School, developed an eight-week mindful self-compassion program that has since been taught to thousands of people. In 2012, the Journal of Clinical Psychology published the results of …

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The Perfect Valentine? A Math Formula.

Meet Süss, a math widget after your own heart: Like many geometric figures, a heart can be captured in all its curvaceous glory by a single algebraic equation. The equation for a sphere looks simple enough: x²+y²+z²=1. A heart is something more complex: (x²+((1+b)y)²+z²-1)³-x²z³-ay²z³=0 Süss — German for “sweet” — …

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