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Russia’s Youth Found Rap. The Kremlin Is Worried.

“Russian youth are more cosmopolitan, more in tune with current western and worldwide trends, more accepting of other ethnicities and traditions and more aware of social and political issues across the pond,” said Oxxxymiron, also known as Miron Fyodorov. “This will inevitably change the way this generation feels about themselves, …

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Is Russia Preparing A Gas Nuclear Option?

Energy, industry, outdoor, Getty Vladimir Putin is noted for taking surprise action, which confronts his victims with a fait accompli. They must then either accept the new unfavorable status quo or react in a way that they would consider too risky. Putin has employed this playbook in Georgia, Crimea, East …

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Russia Is Targeting Europe’s Elections. So Are Far-Right Copycats.

LONDON — Less than two weeks before pivotal elections for the European Parliament, a constellation of websites and social media accounts linked to Russia or far-right groups is spreading disinformation, encouraging discord and amplifying distrust in the centrist parties that have governed for decades. European Union investigators, academics and advocacy …

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