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Opinion | British Envoy’s Criticism of Trump

To the Editor: Re “Kim Darroch, U.K. Ambassador, Resigns After Leak of Trump Memos” (news article, July 10), about a diplomat’s messages calling President Trump “clumsy and inept”: Memo to Mr. Trump: The derogatory language in the British ambassador’s cables could have been written by 20 different ambassadors. The only …

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The untold story of Hong Kong’s protests is how one simple slogan connects us | Jacky Chan Man Hei and Jun Pang | Opinion

Last week images of Hong Kong citizens storming the Legislative Council dominated the international press. Global audiences love a revolution, especially when it fits neatly into a David and Goliath narrative: Goliath, in this case, is the authoritarian Chinese state, the ineffectual chief executive and her government, and the police, …

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Opinion | America and the World

To the Editor: Re “As the U.S. Disengages, Peril Ahead for the World” (Op-Ed, June 15): François Delattre, France’s departing ambassador to the United Nations, eloquently calls on America to rise above preoccupation with daily provocations and insults to our values and to civil discourse. He urges us to see …

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Opinion | Oh, to Be Ivanka!

Any random heiress can sunbathe in the Seychelles, ski in Aspen or, with the right Sherpa and thermal wear, ascend the Himalayas. Only Ivanka has keepsakes from the Demilitarized Zone. It must have been wild, finding herself next to an egomaniacal autocrat like that. It must have been something to …

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