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See girls dive out of window to escape massive fire

Two girls were trapped in their burning apartment when neighbors urged them to jump from a broken window. Watch as the two girls fall into their neighbors arms from a second story window.

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  1. This is so sad. I’m glad everyone is safe. It hurt me seeing those girls jump. I can’t imagine how they felt. God bless their family and everyone who helped. ♥️♥️

  2. The dude in the blue shirt helping the girl jumping out the window needs to be married and he is so hot omg i love him.

  3. I would probably be to scared to jump out

  4. When she hit her head cause they couldn't catch her 😬🤪🤬

  5. I'm dead😂😂😂😂😂😂sorry😂😂😂

  6. 0:35
    That girl was like I’m outa here bye bye

  7. I can’t believe they jumped without any hesitation

  8. To all the people saying they didn’t catch them, they tried. If they weren’t there, the 1st one looks like she got a concussion and wasn’t able to move very well but the guy helped her. The 2nd one looked like she wasn’t able to walk because she hurt her legs. If those people didn’t try to help, they might’ve gotten more seriously injured.

  9. Omg is this where that meme come from with the girl in green jumping out of the window omg

  10. (Lives on 10th floor) JUMP OUT THE WINDOW I'LL TOTALLY CATCH YOU

  11. I feel. Bad for the first girl ouch😭

  12. God forgive me but the first girl just didn’t care 😂

  13. U hear that bang when that girl dived out

  14. And I can’t even jump out of my 5 foot high window 😒

  15. Looks funny but it’s really scary

  16. So if nobody got hurt, why the hell are they sobbing like that?

  17. im laughing at the way they still hit the floor lmfaooooo so sad.

  18. I started crying when I saw the little girl jump out, and hearing then scream. House fires are no joke. They are scary, and staring a slow and painful death in the face isn't easy

  19. One shorty jumped out the window like the Assassins creed “leap of faith”

  20. my god why i'am laughing!!😂😐

  21. I bet they were cooking apples

  22. Who doesn’t help there neighbors

  23. My friend saved my life today I was on his shoulders for PE and I fell off almost seconds away from slamming my head right into the laminate wooden floor sending me to hospital I'm short he's tall and whenbibthouhg I was gonna fall he got one hand ONE HAND AND GRABBED ME THEN FLIPPED ME OVER ONTO MY FEET

  24. 0:43 so this is where the meme came from 💀

  25. Neighbors: looks at fire * packs up for Mexico* sees window

  26. Might as well have just stood to the side and just encouraged them to jump lmfao both of those girls hit the floor I felt that thud

  27. Wow the girls was brave enough to do that

  28. 417 dislikes!!!!! REALLY!!!! Thank you 2 these amazing men!! 💚💚💚💚

  29. This is not funny at all what if that whas you 😮😹

  30. yo they did not catch those kids at all

  31. 0:36 I’d be like “boy if you don’t catch me….I’m sewing you”

  32. I feel bad for laughing at the girl who fell on her back I’m a horrible person

  33. Darn the first girl that jumped out fell on her head sure all of you noticed that if you didn’t go to 00:59

  34. I mean 00:38 and you can hear the bump too

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