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Rep. Ilhan Omar apologizes for tweet that House leaders called ‘anti-Semitic’

Democratic House leaders denounced fellow Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar’s tweet, saying, “Anti-Semitism must be called out, confronted and condemned whenever it is encountered, without exception.” Omar said, “My intention is never to offend my constituents or Jewish Americans as whole.”

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  1. Nice how anti-semetic is in quotes. "At the same time" negates her "apology"

  2. It's not an apology if you don't mean it

  3. They praised her when she criticized Saudi Arabia kingdom but when she criticized Israeli government, suddenly she get attacked by almost the whole congress. Is this USA Freedom of speech version. At least she exposed the people in charge of the USA congress.

  4. Do not fear the Jews. They use anti-semitism as a weapon and a shield. They call you anti-semite to target you for shame and to hurt you. But speak up. Tell the truth about Jews. If the shoe fits, wear it. Hitler and the atrocities of the Holocaust happened over 73 years ago. But Jews continue to use that as a way to manipulate and bully you into accepting their agenda. They have made it so that if you criticize them in anyway or form, they say you're prejudiced against them. Speak truth and you have nothing to fear.

  5. "When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You're talking anti-Semitism!" — Martin Luther King Jr, 1967

  6. She criticized Saudi Arabian kingdom before was she anti islam as well.

  7. Forced to apologize for telling the truth … Now you know who controls your government.

  8. Free speech is more important than banning anti semitism

  9. Why do we give 38 billion dollars to Israel

  10. these people are liars, they never change how they think and what they think, they just cover up their shitty and dangerous agenda with a dishonest apology, what apology? I don;t understand why these people are in our government. they can not fix anything they will not fix anything and they don't want to fix anything.

  11. The fact of the matter is that she named the wrong Zionists (Israel in general) while everyone knows that the real enemy of the free world is and always has been the European Ashkenazi who have created global bloodshed for the past three hundred years…!!! 🧐

  12. She said nothing wrong. She should not have apologized. AIPAC is a lobby group for a state. It doesn't represent Judaism. Criticizing Israel is off limits? Please. You dare to say anything against Israel, people will try to ruin you. So much for freedom of speech.

  13. The white race is apparently on a trend line toward becoming unable to reproduce itself.

    When you listen to the white man it appears that he wants to destroy himself. No one will have to destroy the white man. The white man will eventually destroy himself. – Malcolm X

    Earth's Tilt / Antarctica Ice Melt


    Sperm Count 0 For White Men Due to Global Warming

    Falling Birth Rates Could Spell The End of the West

    The White On White Crime Epidemic That Nobody Is Talking About. White Jewish Doctors Exterminating White Christian Addicts With Opioids

    Why The American Empire Will Fall

  14. Among the presidential candidates for 2015-16, AIPAC generated contributions in the amount of $212,927 for Hillary Clinton and $203,850 for Ted Cruz. Marco Rubio received $132,552 and Lindsey Graham $74,200. No surprise that all of those candidates have pledged “full support” for Israel.

  15. She spoke the truth and is attacked for it.

  16. Not suprised ialamic extremists hate Jews, Christians and the West. They also will kill polytheists when they get strong enough so be careful who you elect democrats. They would kill you too. Don't think you all will enjoy sharia especially you Democrat women, try mouthing off to a muslim man in a islamic country and see what happens lol

  17. What about the holocaust of my people..100 millions Indians were killed …only Jews have lives?? They killed Jesus

  18. A pedophile prophet and a holy book that tells you to lie….an apology…right!

  19. OMG! She used Jews and money in the same sentence! How is a gentile to interact on financial issues!

  20. LIe….."Taqiya" – arabic for deceive….she's a dyed in the wool Jew hating moslem and while we're at it, she's no fan of the USA…when she swore to defend the US, she lied…she and her kind hate the US…they only see a big, fat, country that they can. turn moslem!

  21. Didn't we already know she hated Jews once we saw the bag on her head?

  22. Hatred towards Jews is all over the Quran. This isn't just an isolated case of anti-semitism. It's endemic and now pervasive.

  23. the jewbaggers at AIPAC have validated their purchase of politicians on the take

  24. In a Muslim country, her "apology" would be in the form of losing one eye, one breast, and having her vagina mutilated. Be thankful you have the opportunity to speak freely, devil-witch, even if your words only serve to confirm your ignorance and self-hate.

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