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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shows ‘Congresswomen dance too’

After a college-era video showing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, dancing made waves in conservative social media spheres, the newly elected lawmaker responded Friday with a new video of herself dancing – this time outside her congressional office.

Ocasio-Cortez shakes, points and spins with Edwin Starr’s version of “War,” a protest song from the Vietnam era, playing in the background. The Congresswoman then laughs as she enters her new office in Washington.

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  1. Giving her lack of intellect, dancing would be a great career for loony Cortez.

  2. Luckily gone are the days when the news media berated a president and his merry men for this sort of behaviour must be because she's a women and equal rights don't count , luck for her she has free will to do as she please and the ever so bias fake media support failure or a Democrat owned news out let won't let you see this as childish behaviour of a narrow minded person who is too weak to hold herself up as a professional person with a strong personae like she showed but with a more respectable approach for self-esteem as a congress women to others who at some stage will look up to her for answers which she really at this point has no idea on how an experienced mature person would handle political situation concerning people's lives. As for now it seems she would be one of those who gets fired in the apprentice.

  3. Worried about being cool still? Get to work funding that wall, clowns dance too….

  4. Just like the media how treat Trump the obsession of pointless anecdotal gossip, shield them from covering any substance.

  5. If the GOP thinks women dancing is scandalous, wait till they hear about Kavanaugh…

  6. Stupid people don't understand greatness!

  7. USA Today doesn’t hide they are bought and paid for by democrats. Hack liberal journalists at its finest!

  8. Republicans are mad because they don't have anyone close to being as hot as she is

  9. A poor girl from the bronx whose parents could afford to send her to Boston university???

  10. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    I love this woman👍👍👍👍👍

  11. College is fun, so is Freemasonry.

  12. I love you even more now Alexandria. You look so happy…I love it.

  13. No, women dancing are not necessarily scandalous. But communists forcing their policies on America are.

  14. Her critics don’t know anything outside of square dancing and line dancing.

  15. Does it not seem odd that someone earning minimum wage can wind up in a job paying $174,000 a year, making policy for the entire country, by receiving just 15,000 votes in a district of 700,000 people?


  17. So Brett Kavanaugh did a humiliated kidnap, Brute Force attempted rap, Ford is now threatened for life and Trump also get a pass on everything as well. but how dare a smart woman dance… How low, … capitalist conservatives truly had lost their Faux and Friends minds. 🙄

  18. she did a cute dancing video, probably some footage for University, what's the problem? it's good she took control

  19. 70% tax rate on the rich will solve few problems and create a lot more. Very bad idea.

  20. She's sexy and the conservatives hate it.

  21. Well she may be a socialist, but she's still my fav representative, and simply because she's cute.

  22. Amazing young woman 👍💪❤️

  23. Ocasio-Cortez really rocks!…those Conservatives are scared indeed!…End of Republicanism…Progressivism is on a march.

  24. Everyone has a happy dance 😁 If you don't, you just… As an idiot kept repeating… SAD.

  25. That weasel news bullshit story back fired. Hahahahaha.

  26. I love this woman…she is what is needed in Washington.

  27. She triggers Republicans more than anyone. Give me 200 more just like her!! 👍😂

  28. What song is playing? This is not the War song by Edwin Starr.

  29. this isn't the song she danced to.  find the real thing, it matters

  30. Conservatives are jealous because they can't dance.

  31. Cortez is a socialist and will make America like any poor socialist country !!!

  32. She missed her true calling as a pole dancer.

  33. Future 2024 Presidential candidate. Watch.


  35. If Ivanka danced y’all wouldn’t be talking shit but if a women of color does it it’s a scandalous thing, people are full of shit!! Dancing is not a crime.

  36. I did feel her video debased women, and inferred they were sexual objects using sexual iconography rather than highly educated individuals and equal to white men. She uses her looks to body shame millions of girls in schools across the land by intentionally using her body to appeal to young white males, setting a very poor example for future generations.

  37. It is not the kind of deputy that I would vote for to lead a country like the United States of America. Good luck for the future

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