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President Trump delivers remarks at HBCU conference | USA TODAY

President Trump speaks at the historically black colleges and universities conference. This is just after the news breaking of President Trump firing the National Security Adviser John Bolton.

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  1. Yeah because he loves people of color so much👹😈😡

  2. You can tell Twitter trump is just itching to deport everyone in that room. His words are useless and have no substance.

  3. Trump is a great leader is a good president

  4. I have an unique perspective of both an American and Canadian point of view. I am not bias between either or, I have been educated by both at an educational and “street” perspective — I guess you could say. This particular remark by trump I feel was genuine; granted it could have been politically more correct. As an addition Canadian political leads do the same remarks which gain the same controversy, thus the heavy burden of the world political stage. This point should put perspective in the eyes of most watching this video. Those of a greater political understanding should recognize this remark is just those of the past and those to come. And yes there is always controversy, but there is positive progression; Politically, Economically, but most importantly socially. I could continue though most have already made there minds…. Change of a positive nature, yes, should not be taken lightly but that is both from an analytical and joyous perspective.

  5. $22 Trillion Deficit
    Dump Trump
    Bill Weld 2020

  6. How racist of him… 🙄🙄🙄

  7. The sooner Trump leaves office, the sooner he goes to prison.


  8. God bless and keep the president safe. Good job in helping those Africans, Mr. President. Trump 2020!

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