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President Donald Trump on Duchess Meghan Markle: "I didn't know that she was nasty" | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump made several comments about Duchess Meghan ahead of his U.K. visit.

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  1. Both Meghan and Trump are laughing jokes

  2. This is childish plan and simple Meghan look like a kid throwing a tampered this don’t help her case at all this diminishes all credibility of leader ship she can’t even face her opposition face to face makes her puny and insignificant

  3. Meghan was way out of line to insult anyone the Queen invited!! She has usurped the Queen's authority, smiles about it, and I fear Harry will have a very difficult marriage ahead! She needs to be put in her place! TODAY!!!

  4. He has to save face on a daily basis and I as well as most of the world at this point can see right through his fake BS. He hates anyone that is critical of him and can't take constructive criticism at all. Most people are able to hear what others think and change themselves accordingly, but Trump just doubles down until he is required to take it back, but by then, the damage is done.
    He is divisive and misogynistic! Always has been. That should not have triggered him in the least.
    For the most part, Trump doesn't know what he is doing because he is the PROMOTER not the doer. There are people behind the scenes that are controlling this administration, not Trump, he just plays a president on TV.

  5. Meghan Markle is a nasty kniving calculating vile person from a dysfunctional family. She’s a Communist supporter and she deceived the people about a fake baby called “Sleeping Drew” the exact Realborn Babies I have that is supposedly baby Archie. Pretty odd we haven’t seen any pictures since his birth surface around of a real moving crying baby boy along with pictures with the royal family Christening like the other Legitimate Royal babies. It’s obvious Meghan had a Surrogate. An illegitimate baby she lied about when she claimed she was pregnant.

  6. Okay, I'll do a shoutout! Is it breaking protocol for an invited guest of the Queen of England to be insulted via social media by a member of the Royal family the day before they arrive in the UK? Help me out someone.

  7. Those comments were made when she was a private American citizen. It happened before she began dating Harry. As a member of the British Royal Family, she can no longer make those remarks. Those remarks occured in her former life.

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