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President Donald Trump delivers remarks on immigration system | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump will propose a new immigration system that gives preference to high-skilled immigrants such as scientists and engineers. But the plan deals only with legal immigration, not the 11 million undocumented immigrants already living in the U.S. or the roughly 3.6 million “Dreamers” who were illegally brought into the country as minors.

Developed by senior adviser and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, the plan is designed to create a “merit-based” point system for people seeking to enter the U.S. and move away from the mostly family-based system in place today.

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  1. God bless America its going to be chaos

  2. Best President ever! finally, stop the flood of these poor, uneducated and diseased/unvaccinated immigrants from coming into our country! Stop them from taking advantage of our country's services, jobs, SCHOOLS, COLLEGES, and highways. Our government is bloated and must fix the checks and balances. We want legal immigration with those in the asset column for our country. MAGA 2020!!!!

  3. Never seen someone so full of shit and so full of himself the way trump is.

  4. Everytime trump gets heat on him, he brings up immigration. Lol

  5. I mean I hate him but his system makes sense

  6. cut entries of uneducated Indians and let only engineers,doctors and scientist come in to your country

  7. Close doors on BORDER saying no more VACANCY

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