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Climate change: Airlines accused of ‘putting profit before planet’

A British Airways whistleblower has revealed an industry-wide practice that deliberately adds weight to flights, increasing greenhouse gas emissions. “Fuel tankering” sees planes filled with extra fuel, usually to avoid paying higher prices for refuelling at their destination airports. It could mean extra annual emissions equivalent to that of a …

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Seattle Beats Toronto to Win M.L.S. Cup

SEATTLE — From the opening kickoff, the third installment of Seattle vs. Toronto in M.L.S. Cup had a familiar feel to it. Once again, Toronto was the aggressor, controlling much of the possession, patiently knocking the ball around in Seattle’s half, waiting for an opening. Once again, Seattle was content …

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3 Things To Know About OPEC’s Latest Oil Forecast

OPEC’s annual World Oil Outlook 2019 came out this past week and as usual offers some keen insight into the global oil market. Let me make some key points on it. Oil leads and accounts for 35% of global energy supply, and OPEC supplies 35% of the world’s oil. After …

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