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Ohio authorities give new details on the Dayton mass shooting | USA TODAY

A lone gunman in body armor opened fire early Sunday in a “very safe,” historic entertainment district in Dayton, Ohio, killing at least nine people and igniting chaos in the crowded outdoor area before he was fatally shot by police seconds later, authorities said.

Police identified the shooter as Connor Betts, 24, of nearby Bellbrook. The names of those killed also were released and included Betts’ 22-year-old sister, Megan. More than two dozen people were wounded or injured.

“Hundreds of people in the Oregon District could be dead today” if police hadn’t acted so quickly, Mayor Nan Whaley said. She said the city would conduct a vigil Sunday night.

The assault was the nation’s second mass shooting in less than 24 hours. On Saturday, a 21-year-old gunman killed 20 and wounded 26 others at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas.

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  1. Dayton? Do shootings happen this often in other countries?

  2. Important part of the video: If you have video, photos, or information that could be useful in this case the FBI is collecting information at this website FBI.gov/daytonshooting

  3. A minute in and all I understood is he don't know crap….

  4. This video doesn’t validate anything- who was killed, Ames, no bystander videos or interviews. For all we know this was another false flag incident with actors and why didn’t the police wound the guy

  5. Destiny.childs.not.that.good..replay.back.to.rewind.at.SUperbowl..they.sucked…..the.gals.must.b.broke….

  6. Scrubbing of shooters social media commencing…or altering to promote narrative against the potus??? Smh. Watch the patterns, disparate tyranny will activate their mind controlled agents to continue events??? So sorry folks died because control freaks want your legally obtained hand weapons smh

  7. just in time before the new fall season till new year. pres run debates for 2020, Don't mind me and my tin foil hate google.

  8. The gunman has been identified as 24-year-old Connor Betts, of Bellbrook, Ohio, law enforcement sources told CBS News. The sources said police were searching his home Sunday morning. ThroughTheNever​Conner Betts, died suddenly in February 2014. He was survived by his mother and 4 siblings including his sister Megan.

  9. Ha, ha, ha!
    The Democrats and their media would love to be able to say this was connected to a hate crime. But alas, they cannot…..

  10. When is the world going to realize the Internet has been harboring this mental behavior. Firearms will always remain and removing them or controlling them won't solve the real issue. If guns were ever banned or controlled.. they'll just use a large blade or something like explosives. The internet is the source for anxiety, bullying, social media, places like 8chan that harbors evil. Wake the heck up and start cracking down on the internet. We should all be pointing the finger at the creators like Al Gore.

  11. So we again see this on a weekly basis. But much of the so called third world has this as daily bread, every day, many places in the world people leave home for work or school and consciously wonder if they or a family member or friend will be in hospital or morgue by nightfall.

    And ask the inner city youth of America about street gang violence, guarding their streets with Glocks and more. And the rest of the World, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, the Sudan, much of North east Africa, the Sahel, Latin America, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala ,Brazil, the list is just beginning, as I am sure there is so much more violence on a days basis. And many countries see more complex assaults, with suicide vests with some form of plastic explosive and shrapnel material, bikes, motorbikes, cars, lorries, weaponized drones, death squads, and of course the Wests own roving bands of shock troops, those special clandestine folks of the CIA and JSOC and others. And then throw in the Russian, and the Chinese, and the Republican Guard of Iran and the Saudi's own little proxy war in Yemen. And have we forgotten the Christchurch Mosque attack already? And the Ukraine invasion by Russian in 2014? Ancient history by now.

    So we decry these events. But it will not stop until Humanity stops. It is that simple. As the famous line from the 90's movie, Terminator, "It's in our nature to destroy ourselves." The machine calmly looks at us with dispassionate and clear analysis. So even the very technology we build understands us too well. Perhaps AI is our salvation. For it will calmly and intelligently "live" on after Humanity succumbs to it's tribal nature and barbarity.

    I rode a bike yesterday, and it was Sunday, and I saw an elderly couple getting into their car (from Church). And I wondered what possible solace they took from the experience? So few of us seeking kindness and Humanity and to reaffirm the compassionate and selflessness of their beliefs. While the rest of us arm ourselves and view each other with such vehement disdain and mistrust.

    I can't drive down the street anymore and help but wonder if some marginalized person suffering from some psychosis will take offense to my driving, even something as unobtrusive as observing the speed limit, my unwillingness to support others callous disrespect for safety and law, so ending up being followed and assaulted. I did not grow up in this type of America. But this is what happens when the core middle class is systematically dismantled and we all end up living like those third world folks or like our inner city brethren.

    So the scientists warn us about Global Climate Change, sea level rise, habitat loss, ground water salt intrusion.

    That all sounds pretty good in comparison. If all we had to deal with was overpopulation and resource destruction and climate change, well that would be really nice. But all this stress we are putting on the planet is coming back at us in spades. And the rest (Wealthy White) isolated in their gated and patrolled security residences just sit back and chill a few more Martini's. Capitalism is broken folks. It marginalizes whole swaths of Humanity. It lumps us in with other forms of Capital, land, machinery, plant, raw material; something to be used for some desired salable end product to reap a reward. What is that reward that you reap now?

    As the great Louis Armstrong use to say, "It's a wonderful world. And I think to myself, it's a wonderful world, oh yah!"

    Just launch the nukes and get it over. Press the reset button please and in a few million years the world will be beautiful again, of course without Humanity.

  12. So when a White person shoots people they are immediately labeled "mentally ill" and when others do those acts, they are immediately called, Evil!

  13. And now, a word from Billy the Bullet.
    "Hey, the second amendment states I have the constitutional right to exist. Now, if you or anyone else should cease to remain alive as a result of crossing my spent lead's path? Well, that's just too damn bad, ain't it…?"
    “Oh, and remember folks, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Don’t hate…”

  14. Here is one for you, Were there any innocent bystanders around the shooter when the Police opened fire? Knowing that some officers are not very good shots, I ask myself, Where did their bullets go? Prayers with the deceased and their family, prayers with the wounded, prayers with all those present and witnesses to the shooting. Prayers with the Police and first responders.

  15. Hats off to police dept they did awesome job!!! This leftist had a history someone dropped the ball looks like the school officials .


  17. This doesn’t make sense why arrive with your sister just to unload bullets into her
    Then go on a rampage I wonder if this started as a family dispute

  18. Americans are really the most stupidest. they ask themselves why? why what? There are roughly 200 country's in the world.why is this shit not happening in 199 of them?When you guys gonna learn that with so many guns these things are become part of daily life. This year 2019 there has been 251 mass shootings. A calendar leap year has 366 days. and they ask why…..wow. just speechless! But your doing good America, more guns more guns more guns.

  19. The real big question is when is this gonna end? Or when the US government is gonna do something to stop this shootings?

  20. Another monster and no one armed to stop him. This officer speaks well during this conference.

  21. Its called the "Vaginization" of the American male & people were already predicting this kinda stuff 15yrs ago. Take away proper dicipline while allowing this female ran type of society to keep handing out participation trophys & here you go. Anti bullying & this constant pitty party for the complainers is helping fuel this 100%. This is what happens when you limit a boys knowlege of how to handle their own feelings, emotions, & rejections. This is a problem that probably wont go away for a while but we can turn things around now for future generations to not be set up like this.

  22. We need serious reforms in Federal and state gun laws to prevent guns from falling into dangerous hands. But as long as liberal democrats and cnn are taking advantage of issues like this to vent their hate against Trump and other political rivals there will be no sane discussion and both sides become defensive. If only we can take away the liberal democrats and cnn for a year and have the sane people and the NRA discuss this matter seriously without political implications then surely reasonable compromises and solution could be achieved to improve our gun laws.

  23. So a Bad guy with a gun got stopped by a Good guy with a gun.
    Armed Good guys well practiced and/or trained are the only realistic way of combating bad guys with guns.Getting rid of gun free zones would also be a step in the right direction.
    I know many people would disagree with that, but i just don't see how banning guns will realistically help anything.Number one ,You can't ban guns in America because of the second amendment and Number two, even if a gun ban or a gun grab was put into law, all that would serve to do is take guns out of the hands of good guys [and maybe cause unwanted conflict]and make it Easier for bad guys,crazy guys and criminals. Number three,Focusing on and blaming the availability of legal guns serves onto very small purpose and shouldn't be seen as the core of the problem because if a bad guy/crazy guy is set on killing people for whatever crazy reason,he or sometimes she will find a way weather it be bomb ,vehicle ,knife or whatever and they'll always chose the most defenceless target and/or place.,
    and lastly i think a lot of focus should be given to the fact that these mass shootings are perpetrated A LOT, LOT !!!more nowadays by the younger generation as apposed too hardly ever happening ten or twenty years or more ago?WHY IS THAT?and why isn't American society and ''news outlets''acknowledging and analysing THAT FACT!!! as the core of the problem that should be addressed first and foremost?
    Sometimes when you ask obvious simple questions the answers are not so easy to obtain, but at least your asking the right questions and seeking the most pertinent answers instead of just blaming GUNS and TRUMP. That's just my thoughts on the matter.Condolences for the victims.

  24. All my respect to the first responders!They're true heroes!

  25. What a stupid press conference to basically say you don't know a whole lot. Trying to verify whether the shooting or rather the shooter was a leftist as reported by other news networks.

  26. What they aren't telling you is Connor shot his sister and her boyfriend outside the bar because he was black.. Can't let the people know that a registered Democrat and avid Sanders/Warren supporter with ties to Antifa just committed a racial atrocity, it just won't fit their daily narratives.

  27. Sure is strange that the El Paso shooter has been displayed as a white supremist but the Ohio shooter isn't being displayed as a leftist. People, either way, it doesn't matter what these shooters followed politically. They both lack any social/moral values. We need to educate kids/teens in social values & morals. Stop the social media & smart phones. These kids are becoming antisocial.

  28. The shooter was a antifa member and a member of the socialist gun club of America but the news will not tell you this and utube keeps deleting the story,the last story lasted only 12 minutes before it was taking down.

  29. From a former reporter's objective, as an outsider, I didn't learn much. You really need a Public Information Officer there to field questions rather than have reporters launch broadside at the person who is speaking, because he obviously cannot hear most of the questions he's being peppered with. From this perspective, you really can't hear any of the questions at all, so you have no idea as to what these questions are to match it up with the officer's response. I know reporters want questions answered. That's natural. That is their job as a reporter — to pose questions and get responses. But this can be done in a much more ordered and constructive way, and I've seen this done before. Don't tell me it can't be done, because it can.

  30. How bout starting with Nancy Pelosi’s seditious treasonous twitter post calling for this She should EXPLAIN HERSELF. TREASONOUS. Could this have activated sleepers? Just sayin.

  31. The Dayton Ohio shooter was a left-wing liberal socialist who hated Republicans.

  32. Pro Antifa supporter and apart of the Socialist Rifle Association. Yeah a domestic terrorist that was hanging around with all the other deranged people who cry fascism and racism.

  33. Sorry communist, you can't have the guns. Btw, Betts is a CONFIRMED leftist. Confirmed, and there is nothing the liberal media or "snopes" can disprove. While we are at it lets ban cars, because they do a better job killing people every year then firearms. How about sugar??? How many mass casualties per day in "Chit-congo."

  34. I have a few questions: How did Connor Betts kill his sister in 2019 when he died in 2014? Exactly how many Crisis Actors were used in the State Wide Hostile Situation Training program going on from August 5 – 8th? How many of them were involved in Dayton? How many were used in El Paso who was also using Crisis actors in their Training program? What do you think about Obama repealing 'Smith – Mundt anti Propaganda Act? Doesn't that give State and Federal governments the right to lie to the public at large including mass shooting reports?

  35. This shooter is emblematic of all politically left leaning people.

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