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Officials provide update on Dayton shooting that left 9 dead

Authorities provide updates on the shooting in Dayton that left 9 dead and dozens injured.


A lone gunman in body armor opened fire early Sunday in a “very safe” entertainment district, killing at least nine people, injuring 26 and igniting chaos in the crowded outdoor area before he was fatally shot by police within seconds, authorities said.

“Hundreds of people in the Oregon District could be dead today” if police hadn’t acted quickly, Mayor Nan Whaley said.

It was the nation’s second mass shooting in less than 24 hours. Late Saturday morning, a 21-year-old gunman killed 20 and wounded 26 others at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas.

In Dayton, Assistant Chief of Police Matt Carper said the shooting began at about 1:07 a.m. EDT and involved a “very short timeline of violence” before the attacker was killed. He said the gunman appeared to have acted alone, but that the investigation was continuing. The Oregon District is a trendy stretch of bars and restaurants.

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  1. I remember when there was talk about movies. video games and music was to blame, now we have white nationalism to lay the blame on. Do you want this to change for the better? What is society willing to change or give up to try to get there. I can tell you what it takes will never happen, we live in a "free" society, as we are now, the majority will never agree to the change that is needed to make mass shooting a rare event.

  2. my left ear enjoyed this video

  3. The common denominator in all these shootings is that the shooters we're educated in school districts run by democrats

  4. Just another PSYOP from the flailing FED.'s.

  5. I was wondering why the v2k was low today.

  6. This is what happens when the anti-christ Jew MSM spews hatred & violence 24/7. They banned God & the Lord Jesus Christ along with the Holy Bible from society, spew racist hatred against White Christians, legalize sodomy, pedophilia, drugs, abortions. Woe unto them who call evil GOOD & good EVIL. 📖🙏

  7. Still hoping a civil war will kick off

  8. Meanwhile in Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles,….etc… Hmmm…I wonder why this particular mass shooting is actually being reported?

  9. Where was Connor Betts radicalized? HOW was Connor Betts radicalized? Where were HIS parents? Why didn't HIS family turn him in? What the HELL is Trump doing to stop mass shootings?

  10. We need to send the blacks back to Africa and maybe the healing process can begin

  11. We need to finally call out these white nationalists for what they are. Terrorist, they need to be hunted down like the savages they are. Either prison or death.

  12. These people are absolutely insane and need to be stopped they are insane an this is disgusting

  13. I knew once cnn's ratings dipped that these things would start happening. Don't think it's not possible. Remember Rupert Murdoch's paper with the missing girl in England? These media moguls are as evil as any

  14. and as per usual the GOP and Fox news & rage radio puppets of the gun extremists basically will just say the solution is: JUST BUILD MORE COFFINS

  15. Sinceramente ya es hora de que el gobierno americano ponga mano dura ala venta de armas no es justo que gente inosente. pierda la vida en manos de frustrados sociales..

  16. The Epstein investigation firmly alleges that political/financial elites victimize the most vulnerable of society: children. Is it so far fetched to consider that they would orchestrate mass shootings? After all, the financial elite own the media and spin it at will.

  17. They gonna end up taking guns away from people but whites are gonna be the only ones with guns and great they gonna end up shooting more people

  18. Hitlers dreams are about to come true

  19. These are hoaxes to take away gun rights and for making a police state. Christ church and Poway Satan synagogue have been proven to be hoaxes. Las Vegas a hoax and proof of many more being hoaxes. Check out 153news or find me on Minds or FB.

  20. Deep State: Quick! Mass shootings every day!! Epstein will talk! We're all in trouble if the media runs with it!

  21. too much money involved (NRA) , too much curruption (Congress) . Executive order by a non corrupted POTUS is the only way out, Bernie 2020!!

  22. Because we know how much you love press conferences??? Laughing?

  23. No, why would you release the name of the shooter ? You just gave this guy attention which is all he wanted.

  24. In every case of these shootings the one thing not reported is they are all on Serotonin Uptake Inhibitors, or anti depressants. Now the literature from the drug companies state 5% will have psychosis to some degree, but some that are already borderline can easily got full blown psychotic. In these cases some MD is prescribing these medications. Now you put these kids on these medications and then drop them in front of a computer playing shoot em up games and these kids get programmed…I don't know the age of the kid in Ohio but I will bet he was around the same age. These medication were never intended to be used on children with developing brains that goes on till 25 years of age. Behind everyone of these shootings are these medications and if they go cold turkey the odd of them going psychotic go up significantly. The deep state then blames it on guns which have nothing to do with what is going on here. Watch for the gun issue come up and for them to blame it all on Trump.

  25. New world order agenda! Google martial law and how their going to take over

  26. Uhhh…let us not forget what just happened in El Paso yesterday 8/03/19

  27. Somebody always have to ask if it was a race crime

  28. They need to start investigating what kind of drugs all these shooters are on.. I'm really starting to think all that c crap they advertise on TV with all the side effects including suicidal or violent thoughts are somehow linked to all this shit… why the hell would the government allow them to make advertise and sell all that crap knowing they can be that dangerous? Between that crap and all the weed and other shit they are making available to the population this country is going to have serious mental illness problems to deal with in the coming years, shame on Congress for pandering to the drug users in this country to show how liberal they are and get votes.. they don't give a damn about the future of our families this nation's youth or the future of this country, all they care about is getting elected and getting face time on TV.

  29. She's falling apart under the pressure. We need a mayor that is composed and a leader; She needs grief counseling, not a podium. Lay down the pride and just admit you can't do this. No shame in that.

  30. Oh, and is it just me or does this guy look like a turtle?

  31. Oh, and is it just me or does this guy look like a turtle?

  32. The snowflakes on the left are setting these shootings up so they can try and ban guns. I dare you to come try and get mine

  33. wow i was there yesterday. spooky

  34. Foolish talk by these ignorant political hacks and police praising themselves for being nothing but racist crooks themselves.

  35. Another young white boy, I know my son personally !
    And is that a fly on the glass wall, center screen.

  36. It's easy, stop making fun of people and that wouldnt happen. Easy.

  37. There is a deep helplessness that is occurring in some people that they hope to overcome by shooting people. Like all defensive moves, it does not work. When feeling powerless, find ways to empower yourself to create the quality of life you desire.

  38. I am beginning to believe that if they want laws to take our guns then we need laws to put each and every member of congress who doesn’t obey their oath of office in prison, and we demand that all media outlets report the truth not the truth as they want it to be, like CNN( crappy news network) , NBC ( nothing but crap) , CBS ( crappy bull shit) , ABC ( always bull crap) then there’s the newspapers who couldn’t tell the truth if it bite them in the ass, also if they would quit making such a big deal about these it would help because when they can’t get what they did on the TV or in the newspapers then it wouldn’t be worth it

  39. Its time to come clean, yhese bitches are murdering innocent people daily, like it aint no consequences, hell America refuse to speke the truth on it because then they can't dismiss the stench of their own problems.

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