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New York City bans discrimination against black hair

The New York City Commission on Human Rights has issued new guidance. Hairstyles like cornrows and Afros are specifically laid out in the guidelines.

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  1. I don't want anyone, white, black, or purple, with 9 pounds of hair weaves for my surgeon. Its about image, and it to most, it looks unprofessional. Yes. If you are a surgeon, and you want them, it is your right to have them, and proceed. But, it is my right to choose a surgeon that I am comfortable with. And I have a right to my opinion.

  2. It isn’t even about race it’s about being professional lmao people act like there’s an evil CEO at the head of every corporation like “Make sure to avoid hiring any black people, ESPECIALLY if they have ETHNIC hair!!!” While he smokes his cigar and angrily slams his desk

  3. Our hair is like Our Savior Yahawashi KJV Revs. 1 13-17, and like Our Creator's KJV Daniel 7:9….He said Know if they Hated Me, They shall Surely Hate You! ALL PRAISES

  4. WHY do Marxist hate White people so much?????…………….WHY do they hate any one who believes in god????????………..IF your black Muslim and a man pretending to be a woman…..YOUR GOOD…………but if your a white men and like woman…………YOUR BAD

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