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Nancy Pelosi’s full speech as she’s sworn in as speaker of the House

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the only woman to have ever served as House speaker, was re-elected to the post as Democrats took control of the House after eight years in the minority.

“Our nation is at an historic moment,” the California Democrat said. “Two months ago, the American people spoke, and demanded a new dawn.” https://bit.ly/2F41Ywc

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  1. She makes me sick but Trump has something up his sleeves for her lol


  3. Thank you Crypt Keeper! Keep shitting on the Republic, and keep wiping your ass with The Constitution.

  4. Wow the hate is real. These people ain't did 2% of wat she did. Fox news viewers there's a box with your things to the left 😁😁😁

  5. Congrats to this Congress woman. Also

    Did anyone catch her lisp?

  6. Fully mature with sound reasoning, and on "behalf of America's children". Thank you, we apprec iate you Nancy Pelosi.

  7. Nancy "just forgot where I am" Pelosi is not the path to a better country.

  8. This deep state swamp rat will be swinging from the tree of liberty soon enough.

  9. Liberal hubris. Hitting all the talking points. All the buzz words hit. Boxes checked. Optics looking good.

  10. She's out of touch and utterly clueless. Take a seat Nancy.

  11. The closure of the government is not because the president wants money for the wall, for years he has been asking for it if Trump had previously been given the money the government would never have closed.
          And seen from that perspective looks a whim.
    But let's shuffle the cards in another way …
      The United States needs to protect the borders that are colanders where thousands of drugs are entering weekly, undocumented sick people, caravans, children who die, people from all other countries.
       and the lower house full of democrats with the Pelosi in the lead to be more exact is the one that is whimsical and does not want to give the money,
          Money that is not hers, is money that belongs to the people for the security of the country.
       And all on a whim because the money is there getting used up.
         Better say in the news the Pelosi and the whole group of democrats are not interested in protecting the security of the country and that is the real news not the sensationalism with which Spanish news says things!

  12. I can't believe how fake that part was where they brought in all the children. Poor children are being brainwashed by their libtard parents..

  13. Go Pelosi! Hope you give these Republicans a run for their money!

  14. Choke on bills dick, TRUMP 2020
    Build the wall

  15. Not a fan of Nancy but it's refreshing to hear a positive message! Fear is what we make it!

  16. The amount of thumb-downs in this chat and negative comments just illustrates how misogynist Republicans are. SAD! 😞

  17. Hope they try to impeach Trump for winning the presidency

  18. There is no one more out of touch than commander bone spurs the mentally I'll and challenged president 😂😂😂😂😂😂🖕

  19. I hope this really pisses you off trumptards 😂😂😂😂😂

  20. 51 likes 117 dislikes………. I was going to shit on her but nothing does it better than that.

  21. And here I thought all the liberal democrats wanted a new face, guess the old face keeps rearing its head.

  22. Edited version no evil giggles no shadow hackles my first impression wasn't good she sounds scripted unpredictable as for trump was predictable simple and safe in a way we could relate to, these democrats need the invasion of new votes as for consequence that can be dealt with later , they are just doing the same thing over putting a cloth over your eyes to let you think it's roses you are smelling when it's really a path to a death sentencing with open hearts or is it open boarders.

  23. Wow she 80 yrs old amazing what dying her hair face lift can make it look good but her new denatures makes it real hard for her to speak…but her mind…?!
    It just a matter of time she will have to step down but yea she sure makes trump look real good…!

  24. 100 women!!! Go get it!!!! How amazing!!! So proud of all these ladies!!!

  25. I kinda miss see more color people !!! Kinda miss Obama!!! He was the best!!! Michelle Obama was the best First Lady!!

  26. That speech is truly 10 pounds of Shit in a 5 lb Bag. The Congress of America should have more dignity, than to allow this IMMORAL WOMAN, to spew these lies in that chamber.

  27. We need a wall Baloney Pelosi, illegal immigrants is threatening the WEST!

  28. Nancy agreed to limit her term to four years. That will make her 100 & what?

  29. The 150 of you you don't like her….I guess this your way of howling at the moon for losing the Mid Terms so badly?! Wait….the best has yet to come……..if not impeached……DT and the senate will turn blue in 2020! DT doesn't give a fxxk for the working man as evidenced by not allowing for the govt to be funded while his 'wall' is debated. Thats called Extortion and he should be in JAIL for that crime! Be honest…if it was your job and you were depending on that paycheck……how would you feel ! ?

  30. Nancy needs to be investigated for child porn on her computer. Phuck demokraps.

  31. Please remember that obummer is a crack smoking gay Muslim and Michael is a tranny. Phuck demokraps.

  32. Nancy Pelosi, first thing as speaker of the house, promised money for China’s forced abortions and sterilization. And to fund abortions around the world, but no money for a wall to protect American citizens. She only wants money going to barbarically slaughtering children in the womb. She tried to appear innocent as she had children surround her following her speech as speaker of the house. All of whom she would have loved to have seen murdered in their mother’s womb.

    Of course, child murder has for decades been the number one platform of the deadly party of the democrats. They would love to thrust a knife into any woman’s womb holding a child.

    And democrats call for physical attacks on conservatives.

    Jesus Christ is our only hope: Romans 10:9-10 from the Bible: “That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”

  33. She shod have used poly-grip ! I heard it works wonders !!

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