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Nancy Pelosi: President Donald Trump 'not worth' impeaching

Bucking calls from many Democrats to remove President Donald Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi flatly stated she is “not for impeachment” in an interview with The Washington Post published Monday.

The 17-term California Democrat recalled the divisiveness of President Bill Clinton’s impeachment, which she said was “horrible for the country,” and said she would not be willing to go through that again without “overwhelming and bipartisan” justification.

“Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path, because it divides the country. And he’s just not worth it,” Pelosi told The Post.

Pelosi’s position may not be popular with the Democratic base. Two-thirds of Democratic voters say Congress should get the ball rolling on impeachment, according to a recent Quinnipiac University poll.

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  1. She is soooo much smarter than trump. She knows that all the investigations will produce so much evidence that he will go down in flames, a disgraced man.

  2. I bet not she knows all the shit he has on her – use it Mr President, use it.

  3. Trump 2020 – MAGA – BUILD THE WALL

  4. Nancy Pelosi is just not worth as the house speaker.

  5. What is going on with this Dangerous Evil Cult? THEY LOVE HER, THEY HATE HER, She did teach a few numbnuts when to applaud

  6. The reason why she does not want to impeach is they know they already have him elsewhere

  7. it doesn't take sherlock holmes to see that orange bastard is a fat stupid criminal

  8. Liberal arrogance cracks me up, "not worth it to impeach Trump" as if they ever had an impeachable offense to impeach Trump with and could even do it if they wanted to. Nancy knows she's got nuthin' on him.

  9. Impeach POTUS? Bring it on, make my day! You demon-rats!

  10. She can never impeach Trump she knows that maybe she is coming to her senses but I know there is something else behind it

  11. Crazy lady? Freshman Socialist Democrat Commies don't give a rats ass what this
    beat up old bag says. They're young & hell bent on impeaching Trump. On the other hand,
    Pelosi is senile, demented, & most likely a fugitive from the "rest home".

  12. I wonder if its sinking into all the #resist retards across the country that spewed their emotions out on twitter and facebook every day while participating as the Marxists say "useless idiots" in sedition against a President who didnt do anything wrong and has just survived a 3 year coup attempt. Think of all the man hours wasted making click bait anti God Emperor youtubes for other #resist retards. You cant get those hours back you know. Hysterical.

  13. If Pelosi had Two Thirds vote in the Senate, she wud have instantly impeach the President!. It's becos she has a handfull of votes that she is pretend to be nice. Big B.S. Just tell us why Congress is now digging into Trump's past business deals. Double tongue devil!

  14. Pelosi start sucking her tongue, calling Trump Bush they think she the one got a problem. 03/12/19.Tue.@11:33PM.

  15. T♥️R♥️U♥️M♥️P MAGA 2020 keep make America Great again

  16. The Corporate Democrats want Trump running in 2020 because he's the only one who can beat Bernie Sanders.

  17. Trump is not gone. Yea?  If there is no collusion and all is ethically and morally sound and honest, great!  This impeachment thing, it"s kind a like a "cheap pad lock"  It's meant to keep "honest people honest."  New Republicans for a better tomorrow

  18. Nancy is no longer my favorite! Her true cokors are out! She is agreeing to trump knew it please someone take this woman spot give it to someone who will charge AMERICA

  19. I can't say what's more dangerous and taugh for Nancy Pelosi: Trying to impeach Trump OR trying to keep her party in one piece after so much controversies with the new leftist socialists freshmen in Congress. The more crazy things said by AOC and Omar the less attention she gets against Trump.

  20. Nope. As an Independent, I look at it in a different way. dems & reps along with trump would have to be removed from office because all knew of "foreign entities" tampering with US sovereignty yet ignored for political fodder; which indicates all are guilty including obama.

  21. Such a limp handshake .. totally false

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