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Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer: End government shutdown now

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said President Donald Trump “must stop holding American people hostage.”

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  1. 2:20 , really ? What time line do they live in ? Every poll that comes out shows that the American people want that wall…

  2. Ventriloquist doing a much better job then the PUPPET inside the WH.

  3. All people have to do is impeach Donald Trump and the government shutdown will be over.


  5. I think it's time for some of this people to see what it feels like to be poor and struggle

  6. Funny how he says my fellow Americans s it's been three weeks already I don't think this is hurting anyone but there pocket I just found out three weeks later has no effect on non federal workers so why do I care it's about time they see what it feels like to loose a job and not make any money I'm glad

  7. Nancy looks pretty good for being 88 years old….

  8. “Expensive and ineffective wall” says the woman who supported Obama shutting the government down to get Obamacare to pass

  9. I wonder if these two are sleeping together.

  10. The only way this crazy American girl thinking the government shutdown can be open back up is if we just take Trump to a strip club and get him drunk.

  11. These people don't care about US citizen's safety

  12. With 800K people out of work and needing to support their families you will not have to worry about people from Mexico trying to bring drugs in because now 800K people have a good reason to help bring drugs into this country lol. So will the border be created to keep others from coming in or keep us from seeking alternative means of financial survival. Because making Billions and Billions of money from tariffs off Cocaine, Heroine, Molly, X, etc sounds good to me. IT'S GOING TO BE HHHUUUUGGEEE

  13. These 2 characters talking like they care about the American people they need to cut it if these 2 really care about American citizens they should fund the wall and that’s it standing up there like puppets is just disgusting to watch.

  14. They are Right!!! Who cares what they look like?!

  15. You two could finish dying. These monkeys are the problem. I feel like these two are evil cartoon characters. Mexico is and will be paying the price. Tariffs and a reduced drug economy.

  16. Lmao they look like ur parents when u come home at 3am..they look stiff as a 16yr old at there high school prom.

  17. They look like a mortition did there make up.

  18. President Trump will be remembered as the only president who had the gonads to do what was necessary to get done what needed to be done. That is why we elected him!

  19. I think the biggest reason democrats oppose the wall is that it will still be there after trump is gone

  20. Am I the only one who can clearly see Democrat’s are only doing this because they think their way is best but they didn’t win the presidency now did they.

  21. Why didn't the Democrats say something earlier? He had multiple caravan the last two years and one this year

  22. How do they continue to have a job in government?

  23. These two are the night mare version of the famous painting

  24. How do there people get in leadership?

  25. Iam starting to have nightmares. I die and go to HELL. Shumer is Satan and Pelosi is a demon dancing in the flames. ….God help us! !!!!!

  26. wow wow wow.trump met his match. nancy is a seasoned and a tremendous politician. boy o boy. trump must be sick of seeing her. she wont buckle. a dead-lock of epic proportions has ensued. as usual common people gets crushed. despite all the boom.15 days of no check results in poverty to even federal workers. that is the state of affairs. trump promised lot of thinks like a casino. people just do not listen. they partied hard on borrowed money. now a needle prick hurts like somebody drove a knife. nothing was learnt from 2008 crash. they have taken stock market to mount everest height. it looks it is completely impugned from this shutdown. which would have not been the case back in the days.
    why did trump get money when he had both houses for last 2 years( his supporters should ask that).
    Now with one chambers divided. it is incredibly.

    Unless some republicans at senate eventually go against trump. that is the only solution. but that would be last resort. 3 weeks wont make it that drastic.

    –Another solution is en mass strike of all federal employees. Meaning no federal employees work supporting those who are not working. then president/congress have to give up.

    –or take a quick referendum and let president act upon it–like BREXIT? surely that would work? After all when congrees and president are at dead-lock, people have to take a call is it not?

    –national emergency will get blocked and it will be huge mess again at the court. and military contracts would get messed up. who knows he may go for emergency. why he cant tap in to emergency war fund or something? experts?

    -there is already a wall for crying out loud.

    The mercury has started rising!

  27. This shut down is BIGGER than a paycheck . This President can and will build a wall. He has built Apt buildings over 95 stories … I want a wall… and so do the American people. If you need a job find one … this is bigger than a paycheck …. And the Americans caused this … they voted politicians that cared more about illegals than protecting out borders and our people. GET USED TO TRUMP … HE WILL BE REELECTED AND THE WORKING PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY WILL MAKE SURE IF IT… THIS IS ABOUT MORE THAN A PAYCHECK.

  28. Gruesome twosome, now that was creepy, thank God for President Trump, God bless America

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