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Military parades aren't a new thing in the U.S. | USA TODAY

The U.S. tradition of military parades dates back to the Civil War era.
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President Donald Trump on Wednesday defended his Fourth of July extravaganza amid growing questions about its expense and concerns that he is politicizing an annual holiday celebration. But critics denounced the celebration, which the White House is calling a “Salute to America,” as a costly and unnecessary spectacle that is injecting politics into what has traditionally been a feel-good, patriotic and decidedly non-political affair.

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  1. All those examples were parades that followed the end of major wars, civil war, ww2, gulf war etc. there is absolutely no reason to have a military parade and this is unprecedented move by Donald trump to show off the same military he avoided with his draft dodges,

  2. This could be a regular parade for Martin Luther King Day and people would still piss on him.

  3. He'd better be paying for this shit.

  4. This Independence Day is gonna be awesome I can tell

  5. As a Democrat and a veteran I don't think it's a big problem. I still don't care for trump and I hope the TV cameras aren't on him the whole time.As for money being spent,the military has a huge budget.

  6. Military Parades can be fun to watch but, frankly, this is beneath us. We don't need to toot our horn or shown off. We don't and we know it. Ergo, one way or the other, this parade is a waste of money, that much is certain. Trump has very little self control, as his megalomania and ego are forever at war, each seeking to get more attention than the other.

  7. JFK was a war hero of world war 2, trump never served

  8. This shit gonna be dope af

  9. He is parking the tanks literally they aren't parading threw dc how your think they would damage the roads they will be delivered and dropped off for display

  10. Um, there will be two tanks and two armored personnel carriers. What's the big deal? Looney lefties are so pathetic.

  11. Notice that those military parades were not about the 4th of July, those parades were not about the Declaration of Independence. Actually the 4th of July is about an event that marked the start of a war of revolution, that did not end until 1783. The 4th of July is about principles, not about the means to an end. The Declaration of Independence was written by civilians.

  12. Let me just say one thing. Anyone who has never served in The U.S. military can STFU!

  13. This is not really a story.

  14. I don't get why people are mad. I would have loved to see Obama or Bush do this as well!

  15. You know what else is a waste of tax dollars? WELFARE

  16. (Sees title) No Shit Sherlock I bet this clown ass journalist thought it was the greatest idea of their lives.

  17. Props to Trump for having one government has wasted a lot more money on less !

  18. I hate to criticize but their not kicking their legs high enough

  19. Is this video an informative one or a justification for the waste of tax dollars? And as of recent history, most military parades are done by dictators and the likes…

  20. I was in Charge of Color Detail in 2 4th of July Parades in the Coast Guard in 82 and 83 in Norfolk Va

  21. FREEDOM DAY !! For those here legally I mean. HAHA !!! God Bless America.

  22. Trump wants the military to piss off the democrats. It'll work, and it'll be fun to watch.

  23. So why are their panties in a bunch about Trump having 2 tanks not even rolling down the street but stationary?
    Cause the Blue Angels flyover, the 2 tanks and all the other festivities added on to the usual DC 4th is a great idea
    and they didn't think of it first?

  24. I see nothing but trump supporters. What will it take for you to see he dont care about this country..

  25. is this for real ? wtf happened in america! that would make anybody buy into trumps stupid crap, and racism.

  26. It is not a military parade unless there are military vehicles "moving"
    I have seen tanks in many places, and it was not a parade

  27. Military Parades don't happen often and is supposed to always be for a special event.

    This President destroys it's important using it as a platform for his campaign. Scum

  28. 1) It might not be right, but the idea of a Tank Parade makes me smile. Mobility and firepower; nothing more American. 2) A military show can backfire. Its just chest-beating in the international arena of international chest-beating. Well, it is. One only shows they are strong when they are feeling more vulnerable. 3) In Captain America 4, Cap repeatedly kicks Trump in the nuts 'for the good of all', and Deadpool corn holes him 'for his own good'.

  29. After watching this video I feel as if I live in a country. May all the liberals move from New York to California! We got to keep all the haters near Mexico.

  30. Everyone knows how powerful we are, no need to show a few tanks and planes, it's a waste of tax payer money, should spend the money for the VA to help veterans instead. This is a political stunt! The pres. want to show of force like the two people he admire greatly, Putin & kim jung un.

  31. I'm willing to let Mexico have Cali!

  32. Military parades aren't new, but they are not used to overinflate an already inflated ego, plus military parades are usually held after a war by the victors, it is not an everyday occurrence. Trump does it because he wants to be a Dictator. We are not a Dictatorship yet. 😠

  33. interesting…no examples of national holidays being hijacked to benefit a political re-election campaign. so this IS a first…..

  34. Trump is wasting our money for this orgy of Militarism & extreme Nationalism, & to boost his ego, as well as for his campaign. 😠💰

  35. Never understood why a Tank needed a little police officer on a little motorcycle to guard it lmao

  36. Trump wants a military parade to equal North Korea, Iran, Red China, the old Soviet Union, etc. Another example of how Trump is paving another road to Fascism. 😠

  37. I would like to remind people that this isn't a military parade. It is a 4th of July parade with a few military assets in the parade.

  38. Yeah, tanks rolling, goose stepping and hell march 3 music playing, lets make this better then the red square parade.

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