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Miley Cyrus has a message for trolls after fan touches her | USA TODAY

A fan inappropriately got up close and personal with Miley Cyrus without permission.

The “Wrecking Ball” singer, 26, was groped and forcibly kissed as she was making her way through a sea of fans with husband Liam Hemsworth in Barcelona, Spain, over the weekend.

A video posted to Twitter Sunday shows a handsy male fan grab Cyrus’ hair, wrap his arm around her neck and forcibly pull her in for a kiss on the face. Fortunately, Cyrus was quick enough to turn her head in the other direction as security jumped into action.

Hemsworth, who was leading Cyrus through the crowd, quickly put his arm around his wife and guided her into an SUV following the incident.

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  3. I have a message for Miley.
    Wax your upper lip.

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  5. Geez, shes only the hottest chick on the planet!

  6. That fan should get an STD test after touching her 😵

  7. It's called Publicity! They're entertainers. Publicity is how they make their money. And all the Sheep fall for this shit every time.

  8. Why would anyone touch her, willingly anyhow???!?!? 🤮😷

  9. he wasn't rich enough. 10 or a 10 million still a hoe.

  10. Well when you will do anything for attention..dont be upset when you get it..

  11. That fan should get check to see if he caught something.

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  14. its well know , people tread on others , hash tag – need a law

  15. Who on this earth cares what Miley has to say??? She would not be shit if her dad was not who he is. It gave her a free ticket to get where she is. Her opinion is about as useful as a bucket of dead shrimp!

  16. She's a walking STD and daughter of Beelzebub! Her words don't matter!

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  18. Who cares what this degenerate freak says to anyone.

  19. Disney should have supported abortion eariler…



  21. Remember when Miley appropriated black culture for that whole sticking your tongue out phase and then after she was finished with it she just dropped it and moved on….. yeah

  22. Does USA Today not know what a TROLL is? LOL

  23. She really needs to stick to porno

  24. Isant this the same girl who at one of her concerts let fans touch her private area on stage! I mean i seen it in a video so i know it happened, what do you exect your fans to think if they see videos of you allowing that in the past??

  25. I'm sure if it were a child who was groped and kissed, the comments wouldn't be the same. Therefore, by the logic and reasoning (and manners your mother should have taught you) that you don't touch and grab other people without their permission, you don't touch Miley or ANYONE without their permission either.

  26. Hahaha. You are attracting weird people. Travolta said: dress like a lunatic.. get surrounded by them.

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