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Meet the six personalities living in this woman's head

Christine Pattillo has struggled her entire life with the personalities of other people living inside her head. There have been a total of 11 over the past 49 years.

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  1. Ngl it looks like she just acting

  2. Thankfully with all the abuse I was exposed to I didn't fracture.

  3. Suck the husbands dick on sight good man ❤️

  4. What a wonderful caring husband! And what a strong woman, carrying so many souls inside!

  5. This is the first time I see different alters just talking together. Most of the time it takes a while and the person starts to switch first.. they get a bit dizzy and zone out for a couple of seconds and minutes before they switch .. and after the switch the other alter comes forward

  6. everybody cheers for the man and nobody say that she is so strong to live with all this in her own mind!!?

  7. Does that make the husband a polygamist?

  8. Wow tell her she safe now they all can go away now and let her have her life back..shes in good hands so theres no need for the mental episodes..

  9. interesting. all this time i thought theyre never aware of the other alters. or when the alters are on(?)

  10. Honestly
    This seems like a very unfortunate disorder
    And it came from a horrible past
    How unpleasant

    But 6 Different personalities!
    It’s hard to imagine having just a second much less 6!

  11. I think I got mix personalities

  12. Utter bullshit. This woman does have mental health issues but i'd bet it's to do with craving attention.

  13. "She use to smash well um just about everyone"

  14. When you are that afraid and traumatized you have no one with you.. you need help and theres no one there. You can only go through that for so long before your brain creates someone or more than one to be there for where you need it. My heart breaks for all she suffered. Those people her mind has created are her heros in a sense. Its where she mentally broke apart yet survived. 🙁


  16. What a courageous woman. Thank you Christina for helping others with your same problem. Your a hero and a true inspiration. I wish you and your husband. Who is also a hero and inspiration as well, the best of luck!

  17. This husband is gold ❤️❤️❤️

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