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Massive bird kills Florida man

The deadly cassowary bird is known for its sharp claws, large size, and ability to run fast.


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  1. Yeah these animals are amazing in their own way

  2. Not gonna lie, when I saw the title I laughed.

  3. First like comment and view and my grandmother when I told her about this laughed when I was reading but we both think this is sad my heart goes out to the family

  4. Ahhh it butterfly kicked another individual to death these dam birds are taekwondo knives masters they got them tenth degree cassowary belts.

  5. I used to raise Emu’s, they’re no joke. They have dinosaur talons for sure. Just like this giant bird. That said, if you know how, they’re relatively easy to handle. Poor guy.

  6. Damn everything in Australia will kill u.

  7. I laughed reading this😂 but frfr note like big oof

  8. They’re real life dinosaurs and they will kill you if you get too close.

  9. If this had happened in any State other than Florida I would call Bullshit on this report. But since this is Florida and this is an exotic flightless Bird from Australia known as the Most Dangerous Bird in the World, my question is why hasn't this happened in Florida before now?!

  10. He was a Muslim Democrat and tried to rape that poor. Self defense for the bird.

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