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Man gets 100 pound growth removed from scrotum

A Michigan man is over 100lbs lighter after having a large tumor removed from his scrotum.

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  1. How did I get here I was watching the one punch man theme

  2. Update how is he? I hope he is doing better.

  3. keep it up man! you can achieve any goal you set your mind to… Just take it one day at a time! so proud of you! your my hero!

  4. Man I would love to do that for people for free as a surgeon can't wait to become one

  5. I had a 165 lb growth on my scrotum removed with a good divorce lawyer thank god!

  6. This guy has a wife, yet i cant get women to talk to me.

  7. So basically they cut off his balls but does he have erectile dysfunction is the big question

  8. God is good🖒 broda….I'm so happy😊 to see you at good condition💪 bless😇 you.

  9. Wait til he gets married and completely loses his balls.

  10. At what point did this guy think there was a problem? 😳😵

  11. The coincidence and irony of wearing the Green Lantern shirt. Hal Jordon can now use his imagination of summing a humongous scrotum to slap his enemies in the face.

  12. Damn he has Suffered so Much… Don't worry my Dear God has the Ability to do all things… I'm so happy for him… Keep that Positive energy Going…. Your life has just Begun Again…

  13. Yay! I congratulate you buster keep on living!

  14. Good for him dude. I can’t imagine having to life with that. Glad he’s doing better. Hope he also learns to reuse his legs.

  15. Im glad this guy got some help i hope his future is bright

  16. I'm glad to see He was able to get the help He was looking for.

  17. you got this, mate. hope he is doing well.

  18. >YouTube AI decides to test out user's reaction to big balls
    >Entire userbase Googles 'coping strategies' or 'strong rope'
    >Google AI calls YouTube AI to chew it out
    >YouTube AI blesses us with a happy ending to let everyone know that even if you have big balls, you can remove them so your pp looks bigger

  19. Why did it take so long for help to come of all the good surgeons we have here.

  20. Damn.. It's so sad, But good thing its gone and i hope he loses his weight and have a happy life

  21. I cant believe im saying this
    But im glad YouTube recommended this to me….

  22. We get it bro , you wanna smoke weed

  23. Poor man. Happy he got the surgery.

  24. You have to admit the guy has some balls. 😳

  25. God bless you Dan. You're so loved

  26. I'm soooo happy for him ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️he deserves the best❤️

  27. It would help if he lost weight.

  28. This makes me so happy for him

  29. Wow
    Dude u have been through it
    But u have a wife family a a church and pastor
    But most of all u trust God for the temple of God your body
    He has u on the road of full recovery no matter what it looks like
    Trust Him in Jesus Christ Holy name

  30. So happy for you, Dan. I wish u and ur family all the happiness in the world.

  31. That's a lot of semen brewing in that scrotum, I'd of been at the sperm bank cashing out!

  32. congrats and good luck with your recovery

  33. …talk about taking a load off. Lol

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