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Hurricane Dorian survivors: 'Please pray for us' | USA TODAY

‘Please pray for us’: Hurricane Dorian survivors show the Bahamas in ruins
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From decimated homes to planes in the street, survivors of Hurricane Dorian show the devastation the storm brought to the Bahamas.

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  1. The storm has passed. Band together and start cleaning up and working towards rebuilding. This is your responsibility, Bahamas. Don’t say it can’t be done. The Japanese have proven that it can be done and so have other countries that have been in the same situation. It’s up to you.

  2. and still more innocent civilians get killed in terrorist attacks in the middle east, and mass shootings here , we got tons of issues to pray for huh, people die on a daily basis in the world, dont get too teary eyed and throw them a bunch of taxpayer earned dollars again

  3. Just A Thought ! O.k Seems To Me Every Since 2003/10/10 Almost Every Year Since ! Não ! Sei

  4. If praying actually did something, hurricanes wouldn't even exist. They sound ridiculous, they should say hey we're fucked please send money or physical help.

  5. Humanitarian crisis ?
    American bombs are on the way !!

  6. These are just he beginning birthpains. The end is near. All of the prophecies are coming to pass. Our savior Jesus Christ is coming soon. Please be ready!!!! Live your life loving Him!! And serving Him!!! Acts 2:28❤️

  7. Kinda sweet to see humans wiped off the face of the earth like katrina and the waves and the tsunamis. It moves me.

  8. I will pray for our great President Trump to save you. In Trump we trust 🙏🏽

  9. The cruelty of Americans must be in their DNA, so many unfeeling, caustic and compassionless comments. I hope those ones get their KARMA.

  10. Thank U my GOD! The king of Israel for saving that woman and her child! Bless the name of the most high God! YAH

  11. God bless the US military for helping the helpless third-worlders.

  12. I wish the Bahamas a speedy recovery and all the help you folks need. but in this era many of us Americans don't want anymore refugees. its a disaster in all western nations. just being honest. I wish you guys well.

  13. The USA is taking in survivors, and doing so as expeditiously as possible. Look at September 9th updated directly from the White House.

  14. Yeah. I don’t want to be living near negros if there is a natural disaster or civil disturbance. Useless, looters and no help.
    Every time. But just see how Japanese deal with it

  15. I'm not going to pray for any of the victims of hurricane Dorian, I'm donating money, food, clothes, and blood.

  16. Yeah it's a tough situation but don't even THINK of the whole country migrating here.

  17. Damn….

    Those soldiers were thic af in the thumbnail 0.o

  18. Where is the UK in all this?! It's THEIR territory.

  19. Don't worry….Clinton Foundation is on the way. remember Haiti? they have a 100 million left over that never got to Haiti. I'm sure they will send it to you guys.

  20. Well get the hell out, AOC gave you warnings. 😂

  21. So how is it that they report 70,000 homeless and population was below 18,000? This seems to be media blowing it out…It is very tragic this has occurred and I feel for the people there. My family spends a great deal of time over there. The people are fantastic. I would like to see reporting that explains how they come up with the numbers…no dought many more lives lost as time goes on….very tragic. Glad to see US step up and help!

  22. That's all you will get from Trump are "thoughts and prayers"……


  24. Pray for you?
    No thanks.
    Ill save my prayers for those who arent complete morons.

  25. I just hope the people of Alabama are recovering ok. 😄😆

  26. I mean ok…. if you want us to do nothing to help. We will all just pray it away.

  27. Why pray to a imaginary being or object?

  28. I'm praying for the victims in Alabama.

  29. Lady, that’s all anyone does. Thoughts and prayers.

  30. There are thousands of bodies still not accounted for and the news continues to lie about it saying only 44 are dead. Please pray for these people.

  31. Please people God and Christ are real accept Him open y'all hearts to Him please people if only we left our sinful and selfish ways He would give us the full authority over natural disasters.Please return to your first love.

  32. I pray for them night and day.

    "Please God, keep them out of the US."

  33. When this hurricane is almost named after you. …

  34. anyone that didn’t leave before this hurricane came was too bullheaded and stupid to know that this was going to happen to them. Shame on the family of that 4 month old for not getting out of there before the hurricane hit. I hope they are ok for the child’s sake, but they are stupid for not leaving beforehand

  35. People didnt know the storm was comming? Had no place to go or means to get away?
    Every time a hurricane headed my im gone with every thing I can tote too.

  36. Pray to who? Jesus, Mohammed, the flying spaghetti monster? If there was any kind of God this shit would not be happening EVER!

  37. Seems like Bahamian Gov't didn't do much for these folks before Dorian hit.

  38. Lol why would anyone wanna live on a small island regardless of location. One large wave and you and your house can end up at the bottom of the ocean.

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