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Holidays 2019: The trick travellers can use to rediscover love of flying | Travel News | Travel

Holiday flights and hypnotism might not, at first consideration, appear to have a connection. Yet Aaron Calvert, professional hypnotist, has used the technique to “push the boundaries of what is possible,” and hep people re-discover their love of flying. The Manchester-based expert teamed up with Thomas Cook airlines after they released results of a survey which revealed more than half of participants classed flying simply as a means to an end. A total of 35 per cent had fallen out of love with flying altogether.

Yet, most interestingly perhaps for the airline, more than a quarter wished they could experience flying for the first time again.

Aaron spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about the latter and his mission which saw him accompany a Thomas Cook flight to Tunisia – in an attempt to convince passengers they were on their debut flight.

Talking of the mission, which meant keeping passengers in a hypnotic state for the eight hour journey, he said: “I specialise in extraordinary feats of hypnosis.

“Hypnosis is pretty much the only way to take those memories away temporarily, and let people experience the genuine flight for the first time.

“It works to block out those memories.

“We all experience amnesia on a daily basis, we forget things or walk into a room and don’t know what we are in there for.

“With this, you’re tapping into that natural amnesia to temporarily block the mind of the memory of their frequent flights.

“Then you create a while world around them.”

Aaron told how every member of the airline crew was involved in the scenario for the passengers, who were told they were filming a documentary for first time flyers.

He added: “For them it just felt like they had blinked but they were questioning every little thing as we want through the airport.

“They were fascinated by the tickets they got, the fact they were on an aeroplane for the first time, the tarmac.

“Then I essentially woke them up an gave them their memories back in an instant.

“They have all gone away again saying ‘I can’t wait to go on a plane again’ just because they re-enjoyed this experience of being in the air.”

Meanwhile, for those who can’t go into a hypnotic state ahead of their journey, Aaron has provided some top tips to ease flight fear.

Aaron suggests breathing techniques to help with flight phobia while on board.

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