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Full video: Michael Cohen demonizes Trump in opening statement to Congress

Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former fixer, declared himself the president’s fixer no more as he called his former boss a “racist” and a “con man” during his first public testimony before a Congressional hearing.

Watch more about Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen testimony http://bit.ly/2Sx4HAv


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  1. He should've cried like Kavenuagh

    Or however you spell the.calendar rapist man's name

  2. Let the man try and speak his truth. Noone is perfect.

  3. I feel bad for the guy. He didn't belong in the DC circle, but got thrown in and chewed up. He does what every other lawyer does, but he did it the old fashioned way (cash in a parking lot sounds worse than a dirty campaign donation, but it's the same thing). Now he's just trying to save his life.

  4. Zechariah 11:5
    [5]Whose possessors slay them, and hold themselves not guilty: and they that sell them say, Blessed be the LORD; for I am rich: and their own shepherds pity them not.

  5. Nothing informed and rational people didn't already know, but out in the open in such a public way is simply devastating to 45*. No wonder 45* and his GOP toadies wanted no public hearing. Even if 45* finishes his term, he and his children will face legal consequences for this and many other things for the rest of their lives, and the drumpf criminal mob family has been destroyed forever.

  6. Some would run, ask for pardon etc…this man took it head on says i will own up to my mistakes poor decisions and flaws.respect🙌

  7. I hate the Democrats destroying everything I love especially my favorite president, Donald Trump, and I want REVENGE!!!🇺🇸😡🖕🛡🗡🔫

  8. Watching this live was worth it. I couldn't stop laughing at the Republicans

  9. Look at all of these fake accounts with foreign ip addresses

  10. People you have to "get it" realize that NO ONE especially in Washington tells the truth.  NO ONE.   Realize that they ALL are corrupt and in it for themselves and to hell with the people.  There are no Democrats or Republican in our Government or Washington.  Only pure deceit, thief, murder, corruption.  What this man speaks can be spoken about every one in Washington, Big Corporations,  Banks, State Governments and Big Companies.  This is our world how does everyone like what you created.  Everyone memorized by power, money, filth, trickery and lies.  Everyone is guilty.   EVERYONE!!!

  11. Also remember that this Testimony was written by many, many people and it took days, and days. and ask yourself, who were those people?  People who are exactly how the statement reads. This guy is reading for his life and has been threatened and paid off.    They are all guilty.  All Governments of the world are all guilty of murder, death, destruction and high crime.

  12. Hope the moron doesn't win re election. Americans would be brainless if they elect him again. Donald Duck🤪🤑👎👎👎

  13. All big business in our world cook books.  This is the world we have lived in for thousands of years.  How do you like it people?  Are not we to blame for not standing up against all corruption?  I think we are.

  14. I trust Cohen's testimony more than lying, treasonous Trump.

  15. Cohen running sacred
    All this is physiological warfare the masses are AWAKE
    Can't stop the TRUMP TRAIN the enemy is KICKING and SCREAMING

  16. Michael Cohen – Now part of the SWAMP

  17. ole Cohen at it again … stick to the script cohen … you going to need it …

  18. What a crock ! Look how long it took for Cohen to give this piece of crap Pinocchio speech. Investigate the authors and find the link to killary and her Dem cronies. Liars, liar, liar. Burn in hell. Trump 2020

  19. "Never expected to win" This is a lie because Trump said that he would not run unless he thought he could win. Why would he run at all if he thought he would lose. Enough said. – Cohen is a liar.

  20. Since taking office what has Trump done that is so wrong. Is it the boost to the economy, is it the stock market, is it the lowest black and hispanic unemployment, is it stopping a nuclear war with North Korea, is it the trade negotiations.

  21. Ask yourself why would Cohen smear Trump's reputation with these falae allyegationa. He is just repeating the Dims narratives. This whole testimony is to try and help the Dims impeach Trump but it is going to backfire big time in Cohen's and the Dims faces.

  22. Cohen is a disgusting individual and there is no evidence of the so-called conversations he had with Trump. He is also claims things that havecbeen totally debunked. He also makes a whole lot of assumptions. Cohen has been dishonest and involved in criminal activities all on his own. He was just a small time lawyer and needs to be locked up for a long time. Trump is correct – Cohen is a rat and a traitor.

  23. What prison is this lying rat giing too?

  24. I ALWAYS KNEW PEOPLE PROFITED OFF "NON-FOR-PROFITS"… Like there's no way this just happens to generate millions or even hundreds of millions and dirty businessmen don't get big eyed that's like a drug addict living with a dealer and not using. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  25. Trump brought soooo many "great people", one after another frauds and cons. Instead of " draining the swamp" he created a whole "swamp county".

  26. They really made him think he is important. Watch what happens to Trump……big ole nothing.

  27. So he taught his kids to be as corrupt as possible until you get caught. Then rehearse the crap out of your lines and give a weak performance like that?…lol

  28. Even if any of it was true it's tiddlywinks compared to what Obama did Hillary did in a bunch of these motherfuckers have done tiddlywinks if it's true

  29. And now we know the Bay of Tonkin started Vietnam Trump was pretty smart not to go there and I feel bad for anybody that got caught up in that bullshit and had to go

  30. Cohen are you sure that Cummings is awake you better check he might be sleeping he does that sometimes that's what we pay him for to nap in Congress so he takes full advantage of it

  31. I think there attacking Trump because he's not like everybody else..

  32. "Liar liar pants on fire" oh god-

  33. He.did a million times better than I anticipated…he.comes off like a real person who is good but got caught up in the wrong shit. He sounds different from everyone else that has come before this commity and testified…..he's not a "polished" human being

  34. Can anyone tell me how to go about donating money towards his legal fees???

  35. "hes just here to get my president impeached"
    look kid that's why we're all here

  36. I believe every word of Michael Cohen; besides, he is going to jail, so what does he has to lose?

  37. I always knew that Trump is an ignoramus. Let's see those SAT scores..lmao. smh

  38. I'm so confused as to why Trump is still President.

  39. all slanders and lies of that. Democrat puppet ! 😡😡😡😡

  40. was he lying then or is he lying now? he is saving his own ass and I wouldn't be surprised if he received a payoff or leniency. the dems still doing everything they can to bring President Trump down and bribing and coercing everyone they can. what a bullshit opening remark. hitting every single point the dems have been unable to prove. this is a shame and epitomizes the sleeze we all consider lawyers to be.

  41. Cohen doesn’t realize that God has the final say so and will have no bearing and Trump will remain our president

  42. So messed up that so many people still refuse to denounce Trump. I'm not sure if it's blind loyalty- team bigotry, racism, & misogyny – or blanket stupidity– but it's destroying this country- and dividing it's people.

  43. Do these Republican congressman have any idea how obvious their ass-kissing is? I feel like I'm watching the beginnings of the Natzi party forming

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