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Flights: Plane passengers horrified when they spot flyer in this shocking position | Travel News | Travel

Flights are not always pleasant but they can be made much much worse by the behaviour of other passengers. One photo rapidly going viral has captured a traveller who was being highly insensitive to others around them. The shocking image shows them standing on their plane seat without wearing any trousers. Only the lower half of the person can be seen. They are wearing just an orange top and a blue pair of underwear.

Their entire legs are exposed in the alarming snap – and has caused consternation among viewers.

There is no explanation for why the traveller decided to dispense with their clothing – or why they were standing on their seat.

The photo was shared by Instagram account passengershaming with the hashtag: “#canwegetsomepantsplease?”

Many social media users were horrified by the sight. “Why?! Would she do this,” one person wrote. “What the hell??” another added.

“Poor people having to witness this on their flight. That’s disgraceful,” a third commented.

Some Instagram users were worried about the smell such a state of undress might cause.

This is far from the first time passengers have been spotted on flight doing shocking things.

Passengers are advised to stretch in their seat or walk around the aircraft during long flights to minimise the risk of blood clots.

However, one flier with Israeli carrier Israir Airlines, came up with an inventive way to keep moving during a trip

The surprising move shocked passengers, with many claiming it showed very bad travel etiquette.

The photo was shared by Instagram account passengershaming and has accrued thousands of likes.

The snap captures the plane cabin of the flight – but in the aisle, the legs of a person can be seen sticking up into the air.

They appear to be doing a handstand between the seats, in a very unusual travel move.

The flier is wearing pale blue jeans and no shoes. Their sock-covered feet reach so high up they are touching the roof of the cabin.

On another occasion, a male flier was seen playing the flute during a flight. He appears to be playing from a sheet of music in front of him and the instrument is raised to his lips. 

To add to the comedy of the unusual scene, the man has long hair and a beard leading some to compare him to Jesus Christ.

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