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FBI arrests Roger Stone, longtime Trump associate: Various live shots as Roger Stone is expected …

The charges revealed Friday against former Roger Stone lay out a series of false statements and witness tampering by the longtime adviser to President Donald Trump. And they offer new clues about the extent to which Trump’s campaign sought to learn about emails the U.S. government has said were stolen by Kremlin operatives trying to help him win the presidency.

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office charged Stone in a seven-count indictment with witness tampering a making false statements to Congress.

But the most consequential part of the charges might be the new light on the extent to which prosecutors think top figures in Trump’s campaign were seeking to stay in the loop about the shadowy world of WikiLeaks and stolen emails. And they show the depth of some of the evidence Mueller’s office has gathered about those episodes, including text messages and emails where Stone and others discuss contacts with WikiLeaks.


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  1. What was he arrested for? I think Clintons are playing games behind everyone's back. Hillarys revenge.

  2. Russian collusion needs to be renamed to what it really is Clinton-Collusion

  3. Another friend of Trump arrested. Surprise surprise. Enjoy the impeachment

  4. Also everyone get over Hillary already she didn’t do this Pope made a crime and is being arrested

  5. United Is When Grover Cleveland Is With His Wife

  6. At last they found the swamp creature. Muller is very close this crime syndicate originated in the UK. This nightmare was implemented in 2016 with the Brexit/UKIP movement. Mercer, Putin, Bannon, Flynn, Assange, Stone, Farage, Cambridge Analytical and FB, resulted in the rise of the Trump movement. All the King’s men will paid for their crimes and misdemeaners – Justice has arrived.

  7. One day it will be someone in Trump group thsts going to go off on him while in the same room with him. Hes a very hated man actually boy since he loves to throw tantrums.

  8. Well whatever they got him for u can bet it wasn’t uranium sales

  9. How Did American Outlaw John Selman Become Royalist Scottish Statesman Keir Hardie?

  10. I cant believe there is a brain in that skull….what a weird shape….

  11. Love it
    Roger stone giving nixon v fingers
    Karma for you traitor

  12. wiki leaks is the hero of journalism. how dare news report as if wiki leaks equals russian? This shit here is why you are FAKE NEWS. collusion is not a crime and if it was hilary and the obama are the ones guilty of it. they were the ones in government when they conspired with russia to create the dossier that Mueller is biasing his investigation upon. even if trump did talk with russian officials it is not collusion. he was a citizen at the time. He did not work for our government as hilary did and as did comey when he used the fake russian dossier to start his witch hunt. dont forget both hilary and comey have lied under oath and have not been charged and that is a crime unlike collusion!!!!!Armed men with military firearms banging on peaceful citizens doors! Law enforcement are the terrorists! Defund the FBI next time you shut the government down trump!

  13. So obvious it's mind numbing- COINTELPRO style media propaganda stunts.
    Even if Stone, an old man, 'tried to destroy evidence,' the FBI doesn't
    need to raid his house with tactical gear & cameramen unless they're putting on a show. But inGOOD NEWS: CNN & Washington Post, USA Today & the rest of most MSM has a MASSIVE lawsuit on their hands- getting their asses sued to the ground for the MAGA kid libel and slander! Best attorneys in the country are going to grill these fake news assholes once and for all.

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