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Father lunges at his daughter's killer in court

Only minutes after serial killer Michael Madison was sentenced to death in a Cleveland courtroom, the father of one of his three victims lunged across a table and tried to grab the smirking defendant while deputies jumped in and pulled him off.

The father, Van Terry, whose 18-year-old daughter, Shirellda, was killed in 2013, was speaking at a podium at the front of the courtroom at the sentencing hearing Thursday, saying, “I guess we are supposed to find it in our hearts to forgive this clown …. who’s touched our families… who’s taken my child,” WKYC-TV reports.

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  1. you go dad. I don't blame you. whoop that killers ass.

  2. Give the SOB the Electric Chair not some easy way out.

  3. I would have not missed. I would have got the animal and put him down hard.

  4. If I were a judge honestly I would order security to back off. Let the Bastard take his licks like a MAN..

  5. I don't blame him either if someone killed my daughter Oregon Stone Cold Steve Austin on his ass

  6. He want to kill Michael Madison I'm a father so I know

  7. Let him go. Let him have his vengeance.

  8. True justice would be, to let the victims' families have 10 minutes with the killer(s)…and let them TEAR them apart, limb by limb.

  9. Hopefully he has been stabbed and murdered in prisonand left to die a tortured death and found with a stick up his ass

  10. That man should be let to have 10 minutes in a locked room this that killer

  11. Death sentencing is too easy. Torture the hell out of him until he gets to the point where he WANTS to die.

  12. I feel bad for all these people who lose their kids to another human being the killer deserves to die

  13. Why did they stop the father? Use some common sense. Put yourself in his shoes. Wouldn’t you do the same, had this happened to your daughter?

  14. Would I be in prison if I try this ?

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