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Dayton police stopped shooter in under 1 minute | USA TODAY

Mayor: Dayton shooter stopped in under a minute
RELATED: El Paso Walmart shooting leaves multiple people dead https://youtu.be/ElpYCKC5p2o

Dayton’s mayor lauded police for stopping the gunman in less than one minute.

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  1. The question is what we are going to do about it today were many victims tomorrow could be you or me. What we are waiting for. let's unified we have the voice we have the right and the power to say out the Arms from the streets. No to the ARMS, NO TO THE VIOLENCE.!!!!!!!!

  2. lest we forget what happened to those poor souls…

  3. Oh God I hope they are okay and the dead ones..live a betterlife

  4. This is crazy 2 mass shootings in 2days

  5. The world is fucked, 3 shootings in a week. NRA: video games, it's video games

  6. So the Dayton shooter killed his sister??????????????????

  7. Thats why i stay in my house all day 😭 sad for that

  8. Nothing heroic, they just happened to be close by.

  9. I live in Dayton and I’m so f*cking sad seeing all those people crying because they lost there son or daughter which is messed up. I send out my hopes and prayers to all the victims and familys😢

  10. The police are Heroes BUT KILLED PEOPLE ARE NOTHING!!

  11. Wow, was that pure luck or some secret tactics that we don't know?

  12. Stopped the shooter in under one minute…. thats not saying much considering you can shoot 15 to 20 targets or more in one minute.

  13. Dayton is the worstcity iv ever lived in and now the whole world knows thats place is a shithole….. Racism runs rampant. …. police practice racial profiling and harrassment of citizens…. lot of prejudice white folks …… useless city officials……. the streets are in disrepair you can wreck your car on the potholes. ….. lack of good jobs…… lot of homeless people …… crime is high police are racists ……… The place is just an all around shitbag city toilet bowl town.

  14. Just came out that his sister was on a list of people he wanted to kill when he was in high school. When I heard his sister died I knew she had to be the target, there are no coincidences like that in this world we live in. Most likely was in love with his sister or some really creepy ass shit, why else would you hate your sister to this extent?! This was a envy type thing.

  15. 2 shooting occurred hours from each other??…. Coincidence my ass, this was planned out by another white hateful group. Hispanics are here to stay & there is not enough mass shootings to ever stop that. I have a lot of white friends & I'm Mexican American, we get along just great. Make no mistake people, Trump without any doubt has influenced these calculated mass shootings. Impeach that hateful corn head already wtf are we waiting for?.. he has done way worst shit than Nixon. WHAT IS THE HOLD UP!?

  16. "thoughts and prayers" – so sorry for those shot in texas 🙁

  17. Looks like he used an M4 short barrel


  19. That's what they needed in Texas. Unfortunately, armed men ran for their lives to the exit doors. And shooter was taken into custody without incident (after he got tired of killing people). I hear that they might let him go. (after giving him pubcity and fame). Texas is doing everything they can to accommodate their mass shooter. How nice. It's too bad.

  20. Why is it the same ethnicity of men doing this random mass shooting every other day?This needs to be addressed ASAP for the safety of all Americans!!

  21. everyone research the smith mundie modernizatipn act of 2013.

  22. We are in the last days, god is going to destroy everything wrong with this world and rebirth it into a paradise earth with no death pain and suffering. We just need to have faith and stay with the truth

  23. research the smith-mundt moderization act of 2013. this all fake

  24. My thoughts are that prayers don't work because if anything out there was listening this kind of crap wouldn't need thoughts and prayers in the first place. Its long been time to stop whispering to someone who doesn't exist to fix this and instead start yelling at the people in true power to get off their butts and make gun violence a thing of the past. Gun ownership is not freedom if it leaves its citizens in fear and death.

  25. under one minute?? ..so it took less than a minute to kill 9 humans??

  26. Yeah, let's not look at the fact that you can have a gun that can do that much damage in less than a minute. Let's pander to nonsense with a female saying this because if a woman is brainwashed enough then…. Ask the parents and loved ones of those killed and injured if the response time matters. "Thoughts and Prayers," though.

  27. Ok this is just beyond suspicious this is what I call national terrorism And this is all in just 2 weeks like this is beyond suspicious and this has got to be of a new terrorist group or something cause this is becoming a problem 5 shootings in just a matter of 2 weeks what the hell is going on like for real tell me if this is not planned by possibly a terrorist group

    Walmart shooting

    Festival shooting

    El Paso shooting

    Block party shooting

    And now Dayton shooting

    Looks like to me we are beginning a new war against terrorism

  28. All these shooters are people with serious mental health problems not getting the help they need.

  29. Y’all saying we need gun control or to ban assault riffles to solve these problems. So your saying the solution to the problem is something that will never work?? Also people keep mentioning white People this white people that, when there’s been plenty of mass shootings conducted by black, muslims, asians, you name it

  30. Y’all tryna say white this white that when the suspects in 2 outta the 3 deadliest mass shootings in American History weren’t white
    Also gun control won’t work

  31. Good!!! for eliminating the threat.

  32. With all of the mass shootings in America the numbers still don't add up to all of the murders in Baltimore Maryland for just one year alone

  33. This is about self fulfilling prophecy… This is about accusing people of a crime because of the color of their skin. The pendulum of social justice has created a new class of assholes.. Thanks to the public education system. These young people are being convinced they are monster from the day they go into public school systems. We all just turn a blind eye to it. The public education system has created this terrorism. Systematic racism has created this product.

  34. This is making living in cities and populated areas more and more scary

  35. Nine people killed in under 1 minute. Good old guns-have-more-rights-than-people Ununited States of Mericah!

  36. Americans demanded God get out of their lives.

    He obliged.

    These are the consequences.

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