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Cush Jumbo Still Has Hope. And You Should, Too.

When she’s shooting, Jumbo, 33, lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Sean Griffin, a tech developer, and Maximilian, their 11-month-old son. In an interview at a Tribeca photo studio, she spoke about the craziness of art replicating life (and vice versa) — and why she still has hope.

Here are edited excerpts from the conversation.

When the Kings conceived of “The Good Fight,” it seemed likely that the show would be set during a Clinton presidency. Then Donald J. Trump won, and the story lines have been uncannily prescient. How do they know?

Basically, I think that they’re either spies or wizards, or possibly both, because they just have such an extensive knowledge of what is going on in the world.

Last season, the big focus was a path toward impeachment. This season began with the toppling of a founding partner and civil rights leader in a #MeToo scenario.

I didn’t see that coming at all, but it’s typical of them. It’s like they make you really revere somebody and build him up as a kind of idol and icon, and then tear him down. They want to keep moving the goal-post and shifting the ground beneath you because that’s what’s happening around us all the time. And the people that you think you can rely on are not always turning out to be the heroes.

Doesn’t it get rather depressing dissecting America’s political landscape season after season?

I think a lot of people, when they’re watching our show, are like, “God, things are so terrible.” And maybe all my brains dropped out with the baby, but I’m so hopeful. There are so many people under 100 that want things to improve, that all the other people eventually have to die. I feel like this sounds really stupid, but I just bounce around in the morning like, Things are going to get better!

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