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Cruise secrets: Ship doctor reveals REAL thoughts on passenger seasickness | Cruise | Travel

Cruise ship passengers can often put aside their niggling worries about sea travel in order to sail away on their dream holiday. The vessels can accommodate thousands of people, in a variety of cabins, with a selection of long and short haul journeys. Some travellers have little issue with stepping on board to venture to their initial destination. Yet others are struck down by sickness, perhaps initiated by the constant wave motion of the tide while in transit.

This can be exacerbated if the weather is bad, prompting seasickness and a general feeling of being unwell.

Yet a former cruise ship doctor has thrown cold water on the severity of the condition.

In his book Cruise Ship SOS, author and doctor Ben MacFarlane reveals his real views – and they may well shock some cruise ship passengers.

He wrote of his experiences on board: “Seasickness is a very convenient illness.

“You’ll notice that the people who suffer the most are the ones who were in the bar knocking back mojitos at 2am the previous night.

“You’ll also see that these people never have hangovers.

“They come to us with sore heads in the morning because they are prone to migraines.

“They feel sick when they wake up because of the air conditioning in their stateroom, not because of all the vintage port they consume at midnight.”

A colleague of his then added: “Self-diagnosis for seasickness is a bit of a problem but most fit and healthy people can cope with medication, even if they don’t really need it.”

According to the NHS, motion sickness is classed as “feeling sick when you travel by car, boat, plane or train.”

The official website offers a variety of tips for travellers who may be affected while on their vacation.

One tip suggests: “Close your eyes and breathe slowly while focusing on your breathing.”

Another added: “Try ginger, which you can take as a tablet, biscuit or tea.”

Meanwhile, to keep passengers entertained on board, P&O Cruises has revealed its latest foodie excursion with Michelin star chef, Marco Pierre White.

Marco spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about the brand new shore excursion offering, during which he accompanies passengers on land to taste local delicacies and source traditional ingredients.

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