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Christchurch Mayor and New Zealand Prime Minster provide shooting update: New Zealand's Prime Min…

Brenton Tarrant, charged with murder in Friday’s terrorist attack shootings at two mosques in New Zealand that killed 49 people, livestreamed his own rampage, the most deadly massacre in the nation’s history.

Tarrant is a 28-year-old white male with white supremacist views. He captured the deadly incident at Masjid Al Noor mosque in a 17-minute video taken on a helmet camera.

Here’s what we know about him:

Tarrant, 28, was born in nearby Australia, the country’s Prime Minster Scott Morrison confirmed, according to the New Zealand Herald. Morrision called Tarrant “an extremist, right-wing, violent terrorist.”

Media reports have found that Tarrant is from Grafton, a town of around 19,000 people in New South Wales, Australia. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/03/15/new-zealand-christchurch-mosque-shootings-who-brenton-tarrant/3172550002/


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  1. Someone attacked the Muslims? What a change.

  2. Why a ausi redneck target Muslims in another country is fishy…anyway may Allah grant Janna to those killed and peace is returned to NZ.

  3. Islam is an evil religion and we should not be defending it. I'm not saying that they deserve to die

  4. It's funny how Obama is so pro-gay but Muslims throw gays off the roofs yet he's always defending them glad he's out of office but sad he's not in prison

  5. Hillary needs to be locked up to I mean come on America can't somebody do something about her

  6. Sounds like New Zealand has an underlying problem with Race and Religious intolerance. That's way it always is though…. it brews and boils until the pot blows up. I am guessing Australia is the same just like any other nation and the one I live in…. America. World is a horrible place and won't get any better until Jesus Christ returns to set up His kingdom! 🙂

  7. So sad how all governments on the highest levels are corrupt beyond belief I mean we're living in days where we don't even know if the clouds or the storms are man made or natural occurring

  8. What u just did is betrayal n technically treason

  9. I really don’t like all the hateful comments there are

  10. So it's ok for innocent people to be killed just because they believe in something? These people had nothing to do with the violence created by extremists and radicalism. Just because they believe in something I don't, it doesn't make it right for me to wish ill upon them. For all you so called Christians who are claiming this is something more than a tragedy I hope God has mercy on all your souls. For all you idiots claiming that muslim extremists have been doing this and "it's about time they get what they deserve," you should really think about the logic of your thinking. In both cases neither side is right and this man is scum not somebody who should be praised. I'm tired of so many irrational idiots in this world, I pray to God that you all realize how inhumane you all are and that you take the time to actually think.

  11. Another white man gone crazy. 🏃 🏃 💣

  12. His punishment will be severe and everlasting The Lord damns mass murderers to eternal hell fire, how many sins he has committed in an instant, the Wrath of The Lord is upon him and those like him. He is damned like his father the devil forever. The so called "white supremacy" is a pathway to Hell fire because what it truly is about murder death and a front against The Lord Bless The Name.

  13. (Most bad government comes from too much government) Thomas Jefferson

  14. muslims got shot boo hoo not bothered by this at all

  15. ( I prefer dangerous Freedom over peaceful slavery) Thomas Jefferson

  16. The most deadly massacre in the nation's history of the new Zealand
    Must culprit execution

  17. That sign language guy is a total clown. All that lady is doing is spewing the same old rhetoric.


  19. You brought Islam into your country ,you give them free welfare you go what you brought,,shows your government only cares about the New World Order

  20. 3528 virgins in paradise better run and hide lol

  21. When radical muslims attacks synagouges and churches is only a footnote in the news. Lets see this time what happens. The religion of peace got some of its own medicine.

  22. Not giving a penny to Muslims ,it's either you or kiss the ass of the Muslims ,that temple was terrorist organization so no petty

  23. Why would you put that as your thumbnail

  24. Your government has sold you out to the NWO

  25. I watched the video live, most horrific thing ive ever seen. you know when you hear about a mass casualty shooting on the news, youre sad and shit but then your thinking, its not my family, not my country, etc. but when you see it happen live it is absolutely horrifying, this guy was literally blowing heads completely off with the high caliber weapon he was using, this shit was worse than video games. unbeleivable horror. he even went back to those who were trying to put their guts back in their stomachs and shot them over and over and over at point blank. They literally exploded.

  26. It's okay for them to rape your women,mental illness it's pay back time

  27. Montagnard indigenous pray for amen.

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