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David Cameron Is Sorry. Really, Really Sorry.

Interviewing Mr. Cameron on ITV earlier this week, the anchor Tom Bradby began by relaying what members of the public had told him to say: “I hope you’re going to ask him to apologize for the mess he left.” (“I’m deeply sorry for all that’s happened,” Mr. Cameron replied, in …

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The Man Behind a Toxic Slogan Promoting White Supremacy

But even as Mr. Camus became toxic, his phrase gained traction, first on French far-right websites, like “Observatoire de Grand Remplacement.” Politicians on the right and far right, including Ms. Le Pen, used the term. Then “great replacement” slipped into the right-wing mainstream. While Mr. Camus’s books went largely unsold, …

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Germany Unveils $60 Billion Climate Package

BERLIN — Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government on Friday agreed to support a $60 billion package of climate policies aimed at getting Germany back on track to meet its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Opposition politicians and experts on climate science quickly condemned the package as lacking the …

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Ukraine Pressured on U.S. Political Investigations

MOSCOW — Months before a whistle-blower’s complaint came to light this week, raising alarms over dealings between the Trump administration and Ukraine, the issue was roiling politics in Kiev. The whistle-blower’s specific allegations remain cloaked in mystery, but they involve at least one instance of President Trump making an unspecified …

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High Lead Levels Still Being Found Near Notre-Dame

PARIS — Months after fire engulfed Notre-Dame and the 460 tons of lead on its roof and spire, alarming levels of lead are still being found after decontamination efforts, including at the Paris Police Headquarters — raising new concerns that the authorities have not fully tackled the problem. The environmental …

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