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DNA Clues to an Ancient Canary Islands Voyage

[Like the Science Times page on Facebook. | Sign up for the Science Times newsletter.] The debate over how, when and why the Canary Islands were first populated arose in part from records made by Europeans in the 1400s, which claimed the native Canarians had no navigational skills. The texts …

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U.K. Police Investigating Attacks on 5 Mosques in Birmingham

LONDON — Police officers and counterterrorism officials in Britain were investigating attacks on five mosques Thursday, including one in which a man took a sledgehammer to smash the windows of a house of worship in Birmingham, England. After the authorities received reports overnight of the sledgehammer attack in north Birmingham, …

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Italian Driver Kidnaps Busload of Students

He then gave zip ties to the three adults, ordering them to tie each child’s wrists together as he drove. As they went back the rows of seats, the adults left the zip ties progressively looser, another prosecutor, Francesco Greco, said. Police in two carabinieri cars, tipped off by the …

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Russia Changes Economic Reporting. The Results Improve.

MOSCOW — The Russian state statistics service has halted its monthly reports on the population’s real income, or income adjusted for inflation, after years of declining numbers suggested a fall in Russian’s standard of living. Economists were already keeping a wary eye on the service, known as Rosstat, after the …

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E.U. Officials Agree to Brexit Delay, but With Conditions

LONDON — Top officials of the European Union, exasperated by the chaos and dysfunction of British politics, indicated on Wednesday that they were willing to grant a short delay in the deadline for Britain’s departure, but only if Parliament approved an unpopular withdrawal plan that it has twice rejected by …

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