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What, if Anything, Should Be Done to Rein in Big Tech?

The nation’s tech giants, once celebrated as corporate heroes, are suddenly seen as bullies in the schoolyard of the American economy. In recent months, federal agencies, states and Congress have started investigating the market power and potential anticompetitive behavior of Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple, collectively known as Big Tech. …

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Getting a Handle on Self-Harm

Whether this method of self-soothing is an epidemic of the social media age is still a matter of scientific debate. No surveys asking about self-harm were conducted before the mid-1980s, in part because few researchers thought to ask. In the 1990s, the idea of self-injury and its underlying psychic misery …

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Ultra-Black Is the New Black

The researchers showed subjects drawings in which a lineup of six otherwise identical images differed only in some aspect of color. The T-shirt of a boy taking a test, for example, was switched from black to blue to green to red to white to yellow. The same for a businessman’s …

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