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White U.S. congressman says he's a 'person of color' | USA TODAY

‘I’m a person of color,’ white congressman claims after the House voted to condemn President Donald Trump’s tweets. RELATED: Pelosi calls Trump’s comments ‘racist’ https://youtu.be/b9uDU6LKj0s Republican congressman Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) said he’s a “person of color” during an interview with Vice News. » Subscribe to USA TODAY: http://bit.ly/1xa3XAh » Watch …

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How to stay safe in heat wave | USA TODAY

Here are ways you can stay safe in a heat wave. RELATED: What is a ‘Death Ridge’? It’s more than extreme heat https://youtu.be/zlQUU8pyBx0 As the temperatures start to heat up, make sure you are staying safe. » Subscribe to USA TODAY: http://bit.ly/1xa3XAh » Watch more on this and other topics …

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Here are the 5 best times to shop | USA TODAY

There’s a best time to buy just about anything, but knowing which product will go on sale at what time isn’t always easy. https://bit.ly/2NZw4WV So here’s a list of general shopping rules that can apply to most things you’ll buy. With these tips, you can figure out the best time …

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Disney heiress slams park for low wages | USA TODAY

Disney heiress slams Disneyland park over low wages after undercover visit ***An earlier version of this video and post mischaracterized the nature of Abigail Disney’s visit to Disneyland. Disney told Yahoo News that she “went to Anaheim,” not that she went undercover. Disney heiress Abigail Disney slammed the Walt Disney …

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President Donald Trump calls the 'squad' out at NC rally | USA TODAY

Trump slams the ‘squad’ Congresswomen, calls them out by name at rally RELATED: Pelosi says Trump’s comments on ‘squad’ are racist https://youtu.be/b9uDU6LKj0s At his North Carolina rally, President Donald Trump highlighted past statements the “Squad” have made criticizing his administration’s policies. » Subscribe to USA TODAY: http://bit.ly/1xa3XAh » Watch more …

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House kills impeachment articles | USA TODAY

The House of Representatives kills articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump 332 to 95. RELATED: Pelosi says Trump’s comments are racist https://youtu.be/b9uDU6LKj0s The vote forced Democrats to take on impeachment and go on the record on whether they support taking it up in the House. » Subscribe to USA …

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Kevin Spacey case dropped | USA TODAY

Kevin Spacey criminal groping case dropped due to accuser’s ‘unavailability’ Kevin Spacey was one of the first Hollywood figures to be accused of multiple allegations of sexual misconduct beginning in November 2017. » Subscribe to USA TODAY: http://bit.ly/1xa3XAh » Watch more on this and other topics from USA TODAY: http://bit.ly/2O17yET …

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