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10 Must-Read Books To Honor Women’s History Month

Women’s contributions throughout history have often been minimized, erased or otherwise removed from the public consciousness. Fortunately there are many great books that bring their stories to light.  In honor of Women’s History Month, the folks over at Goodreads curated a list of books about women who made their mark …

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You Need To Teach Your Kids To Fail. Here’s How.

The college admissions scandal may seem like an extreme case that only pertains to wealthy elites with the means to bribe people to get their children into top universities. But it touches on the pressured feelings almost all parents and students feel today. It also highlights the way many parents …

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Stanford Students Sue In College Admissions Scandal

Two Stanford University students say in a federal lawsuit that the massive college admissions scam prosecutors unveiled this week cheapens the value of their education and may prompt future employers to wonder if they have “rich parents who were willing to bribe school officials.” Erica Olson and Kalea Woods contend in the …

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