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6 Places To Visit In Italy That Aren’t Rome

Rome is often touted as the place to go in Italy, which is well-deserved thanks to its rich history and mouthwatering food. But there are several other spots throughout the country that give travelers a look at Italy’s dynamic culture. To gear up for 2019, several travel-focused sites rounded up …

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The Rise of Halal Tourism

For one of the fastest-growing sectors of the global travel industry, there is no pork on the hotel dinner menus. There are flights with no alcohol on the drink carts, resorts with separate swimming pools for men and women, and daily itineraries with built-in break times for the five daily …

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Hotel Review: Eaton DC, Washington

Rates From $139. The Basics Given that people of opposing political persuasions tend to live, eat, shop, work and worship in self-selected bubbles, it was probably only a matter of time before someone decided that Republicans and Democrats needed their own hotels too. Enter the Eaton DC, in downtown Washington, …

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Great Retsina, an Oxymoron No More

That wine was the Ritinitis Nobilis from Gaia, one of Greece’s best modern wineries. Since it was first issued, back in 1998, Gaia has been trying to redefine retsina as a proud custom rather than a genre to be shunned. Gaia Ritinitis Nobilis at Souvla in San Francisco.CreditJason Henry for …

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At Hidden Fish in San Diego, the Dance of the Omakase

Deep in the blue-collar San Diego neighborhood of Kearny Mesa, wedged between auto dealerships and neon-lit fast-food chains, the chef John Hong is performing nightly timed shows of the Japanese ritual omakase. This isn’t a theater. It’s the restaurant Hidden Fish, a Lilliputian space of only 13 seats wrapped around …

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Stocking Up at an Airline’s Garage Sale

They come in search of economy-class seats, bottles of cocktail syrup, silverware, slippers and casserole dishes bearing the distinctive triangle-like shape of the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet, the inspiration behind the logo for Delta Air Lines. Every month on the second Friday, the line forms outside a modest …

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Finding Open-Minded Health Care Abroad

At the same time, both Tanzella and other experts in the field of travel health medicine urged travelers to use caution when taking advice online. Tullia Marcolongo, executive director of International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers (I.A.M.A.T.), warned against using social media for questions on travel vaccines in particular, …

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