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These Ingredients Deserve Your Attention

I used to think that paprika and parsley were just for show — nothing more than powdery red dashes on creamy deviled eggs, and verdant speckles breaking up the brown monotony of beef stew. Pretty, but expendable. I understood the herbal intensity of parsley when I tasted whole leaves mixed …

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What to Cook This Weekend

Good morning. It’s high agritainment season in the state of New York, roadside farms crowded with parking, with u-pick pumpkin harvesters, apple-pickers, corn mazers, kids crammed in lil’ red wagons, waving squash. Pull in a nice haul of Pink Ladies or Gold Rushes tomorrow and make an apple crisp or …

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‘Rice Is Culture’ at Field Trip in Harlem

Now that fast-casual restaurants have so efficiently tentacled their way into New York’s collective eating habits, bowls have become the chosen canvas for chefs and venture capitalists alike. In central Harlem, a new bowl has emerged at the hands of the chef JJ Johnson, who made his name in this …

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Room for Everyone at the Table

This article is part of a series on Visionaries. The New York Times selected people from all over the world who are pushing the boundaries of their fields, from science and technology to culture and sports. Steve Palmer has opened dozens of restaurants over the course of his career. He …

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How to Eat Alone (and Like It)

Embrace your guilty pleasures While “solo dining” might conjure up images of a corner booth at a cafe or a bar stool at a local restaurant, the ultimate solo dining experience is eating home alone. It’s when we’re home alone — with no one watching what we’re eating, how or …

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