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Tulum Hot Spot Plants Itself in SoHo

­­Gitano Jungle Room SoHo The swarm of wealthy international travelers to and from New York can inspire grand attempts to recreate chic drinking and dining destinations enjoyed in more exotic locales. That’s the story behind the Gitano Jungle Room, a lounge-y tropical restaurant and bar that opened in the James …

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A Taste of Jerusalem in a Chicken Dinner

One of the great cooking tools is the flattop griddle, a diner standby in shimmering black, best friend to tacos and short-order eggs. You can make a dozen smashed lamb chops on one, huge piles of hash browns, stacks of pancakes, French toast, arepas, buttery trout fillets, mounds of chopped …

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Kaiseki, Straight Up With a Twist

Kaiseki’s near-liturgical focus on timeliness almost seems to demand local ingredients, and they have been central to Niki Nakayama’s strategy at n/naka in Los Angeles, but less so for New York’s few kaiseki chefs. Chikara Sono at Kyo Ya, for instance, takes pains to import traditional ingredients from Japan the …

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How to Save on Your Wedding Wine

Most couples choose to serve wine at their wedding. A glass or two not only shows hospitality and enhances the culinary experience of their guests, but can also act as a sort of social lubricant, especially on the reception dance floor. The process of picking wedding wines, though, can be …

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